Is it true that Santa Monica Studios is making an action game besides God of War?

If you hear the name Santa Monica Studios, we’re sure you’ll immediately think of it franchise God of War. It’s not surprising, it’s so big franchises is, its name immediately becomes synonymous with developers. However, what happens if developers the same want to make a new game that is not taken from God of War?

This information actually came from a job vacancy opened by Santa Monica Studios. Not long after God of War Ragnarok was released last November, developers this immediately opens up several empty positions. It’s just strange, if that’s the case developers this is working on the God of War project again, right after the new series was just released.

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Of the many job vacancies that are open, Santa Monica Studios itself has not provided an explanation that they want to make another God of War game. That’s why many people think that developers it wants to create a new IP game. Especially if you know that God of War itself has just “finished” its story with the release of Ragnarok, at least for the Norse Kratos saga.

If we look at the requirements requested, they are not much different from the criteria requested when Santa Monica Studios worked on God of War Ragnarok. However, what’s wrong with that developers this wants to make a new IP game, but with gameplay which is not much different from God of War. Games with action genre which is already controlled by developers This, of course, would be easier to make.

Long before God of War Ragnarok was released, it was rumored that Sony Santa Monica Studios itself was working on another game project. Is it true that we will get a new IP from developers who hasn’t made a new game other than God of War for a long time? It will definitely be very interesting to wait for, especially if the game is an exclusive game for PlayStation.






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