iPhone FF logo and how to make it newest 2022

FF iphone logo – Meet again with the discussion on Free Fire which seems endless, it is said that the download results of FF are increasing day by day.

The features in it are also increasingly refined and even rarely experience lag problems, so that the players will feel more comfortable while playing.

The fans are also almost all members of the general public, be it those who are still young or even those who are adults, are very fond of playing FF to playing together alias mabar.

The existence of FF has long graced the world of games in Indonesia, its development is getting more significant and it can even make certain characters very unique.

About the iPhone FF Logo

Even if you are still a new kid and are also getting to know the free fire game for the first time, it seems very appropriate if you are visiting and reading here. So you should just follow the complete review that we have compiled regarding the existence of FF.

But we won’t discuss everything about the whole FF game, but more specifically the discussion on How to Make an Apple iPhone Logo in an account from FF.

Especially on devices like Android and you can do that easily. Usually players who have been playing Free Fire (FF) for a very long time like to give a name, that’s also a very creative designation for a nickname on their FF game account.

Usually they will often use a series of names that are rarely used by other players accompanied by pictures in the form of very unique symbols.

One of them, which is related to symbols and logos that are much sought after by Free Fire players, is the product logo from Apple or iPhone. The logo that appears is a silver apple but has been bitten on the right side.

So, if you are one of the players who really wants to install the logo shape earlier on your FF account, then it’s better to just follow the steps as below.

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How to Make a FF iPhone Logo

  • The first way is that you have to open the website first, then you just visit the link from: org “Apple logo”
  • Then you do “Copy the Apple logo” that was given just now.
  • Then you open the Free Fire game application
  • Access to the player’s profile section which is located in the left corner area at the very top of the screen.
  • Press the icon shaped like a “very bright yellow notebook” near the player’s name.
  • Later a “Pop-up” will appear to give the player a new nickname.
  • Just type the name “nickname” that you really want, then paste the logo in the form of an iPhone in the nickname section.
  • Also press a logo in the form of the number “390 Diamond” or you can use a “name change card” to be able to confirm the previous nickname change.

With an Android cellphone, is it possible?

After you have tried constantly trying to do the exact same thing as the method above, on a smartphone with an Android device console, it can be concluded that this will definitely not work properly.

Because in the article the logo or the shape of the Apple emoji will only be used on iOS devices. As one of their well-known products, namely the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

For this reason, if you really want to attach a logo belonging to the technology company “Apple” to your Free Fire account, you must first make sure that you have to use products from Apple, or you can also use symbol choices. another cool one there!.

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That was an easy way to make an iPhone logo, on a product from Apple’s famous computer on a Free Fire (FF) account! Don’t forget for you players to visit the SPIN Website to be able to get the latest updates on we.

That’s all and thank you for those of you who have already visited to read here. See you.

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