iPad 9 (Gen 9th) Specifications & Latest Prices in Indonesia 2023

In 2021, Apple released the iPad 9. As a successor, of course the 9th generation brings a number of changes from previously released products. This change will only be visible in the iPad 9 specifications.

So if you only compare this product with the previous product from a physical perspective, you probably won’t find any differences. The iPad 9 itself could be an answer for those of you who want a tablet product from Apple at an affordable price.

Complete iPad 9 Specifications

1. Design and Dimensions

As previously mentioned, regarding design, the iPad 9 does not show any significant changes from its predecessor. The screen frame remains quite thick and there is a Home button at the bottom of the screen as a Touch ID system.

To open the system, you must use your fingerprint. Indeed, a design like this looks old school. However, placing Touch ID at the bottom of the screen is actually a good thing because it makes it easier to reach.

At the top of the screen, there will be a front camera and on the back there is also the main camera. On the top right side there are volume buttons and the lighting connector is in the bottom center. The smart connector can be installed in the right center.

In terms of body quality, the iPad 9 looks quite sturdy and doesn’t feel fragile when held. The weight is around 487 grams for the Wifi only variation, quite heavy indeed. Meanwhile, for the Wifi + cellular variation, the weight increases to 498 grams.

Regarding dimensions, the iPad 9 measures 250.6 x 174.1 x 7.5 mm. Meanwhile, regarding color, the iPad 9 consists of two choices, namely silver and Space Gray, where both colors give off an elegant aura.

2. Screen

Other iPad 9 specifications regarding the screen, Apple uses a 10.2 inch Retina IPS LCD screen on this product. This screen specification is still the same as the 8th generation and 7th generation iPad, which were its predecessor products.

Apart from being the same in terms of size, the resolution is also the same, namely 1620 x 2160 pixels where the pixel density is 265 ppi. However, the iPad 9 is able to provide a very bright, sharp and high quality display so it is very comfortable to look at.

The screen brightness level is said to be able to reach 900 nits. This screen is even equipped with special features to make it easier for you to adjust the brightness level and screen color automatically or manually in three modes, namely dark mode, night shift and True Tone.

Unfortunately, when you use the iPad 9 outdoors, there is a possibility that the screen quality will decrease, both in terms of visibility and lighting. However, this screen is equipped with an oleophobic coating so that fingerprints will not remain.

3. Camera

Regarding the camera, the iPad 9 has two cameras, there is a main camera with a resolution of 8 MP and there is a front camera or selfie camera with a resolution of 12 MP. The resolution of the front camera is greater than the rear camera, it seems that Apple really wants to support people’s habit of taking selfies.

Even though the resolution is smaller, the iPad 9’s rear camera can still produce quite detailed photos. However, there is quite a lot of noise on this camera and the dynamic range is also too narrow. Meanwhile, the features on this camera include geo-tagging and burst mode.

Moving on to the front camera, here there is an ultra wide lens with not too much noise and the color details are quite rich. Then, to make taking selfies easier, Apple has also provided a Center Stage feature.

This feature will allow the camera sensor to follow your face whether you are taking a selfie or making a video call.

4. Battery

Moving on to battery power, the iPad 9 has a large battery with a capacity of 8557 mAh. In accordance with Apple’s claims, this large battery capacity will enable the iPad 9 to last up to 12 hours when used for playing videos and web browsing.

With this length of time, of course you can use this iPad all day long. However, when the battery runs out, you can recharge it using the Lightning port. This is something that is very unfortunate considering that the iPad Mini and iPad Pro already use USB type C.

5. Chipset

The power of the iPad 9 is supported by the Apple A13 Bionic chipset. This iPad 9 specification is also very unfortunate considering that it actually already has a higher chipset, namely the Apple A15 Bionic. However, the A13 Bionic chipset is still superior with a hexa-core CPU configuration.

With this chipset, it is alleged that battery power can be saved by up to 15% compared to the previous generation chipset. Meanwhile, for graphics processing, Apple entrusts this tablet to the Apple GPU 4 Core, whose graphics capabilities are up to 40% faster.

With these specifications, the iPad 9 is able to provide quite good performance. This can be proven by the AnTuTu score which is slightly different from the iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 11 Pro Max which use the same chipset.

Apart from that, with the Apple A13 Bionic chipset you can still play any type of game even if the graphics settings are not too high. Even for heavy games like Genshin Impact, the iPad 9 is still reliable with the Highest setting.

However, it cannot be denied that in this game something called frame drop occurs. But when used to play PUBG, Mobile Legends and COD Mobile, the iPad 9 doesn’t show any problems.

6. Operating System

The Apple iPad 9 tablet uses the iPadOS 15 operating system, which you can still upgrade to iPadOS 16.4.1. By using this operating system, you can enjoy a number of exclusive features.

Among them there is a multitasking button. With this button, you can open two applications at once in split-screen view. Furthermore, there is the Center Window feature, this is a feature that will place notes, emails or messages in the center of the screen with just one touch.

7. RAM and Internal Memory

iPad 9 is equipped with RAM with a capacity of 3 GB. It’s not too big, but this RAM capacity is able to support light multitasking activities well.

This can happen especially when the RAM capacity works with iPadOS 15 which does have good activity management. Meanwhile, for internal memory, only two capacities are available, namely 64 GB and 256 GB.

Of course, this internal storage space can be considered quite spacious and you can store lots of files in it.

Latest iPad 9 Prices 2023

iPad 9 consists of 2 color choices, namely silver and space gray. In general, this color choice does not affect the price, so whether it is silver or space gray, the price is the same.

But when it comes to storage capacity, the iPad 9 is priced at different prices as follows.

  • Wifi only 64 GB around IDR 6 million
  • Wifi only 256 GB around IDR 9 million
  • Wifi + cellular 64 GB around IDR 9 million
  • Wifi + cellular 256 GB around IDR 11.5 million


Overall, the iPad 9 is a very interesting product. The specifications of the iPad 9 also allow you to carry out several strenuous activities quite comfortably. This product is equipped with the A13 Bionic chipset.

This is a chipset that makes the iPad 9 more responsive even in multitasking activities. The front camera resolution is very good and will make selfie activities more enjoyable.

You can use this iPad 9 for hours because of its large battery capacity. However, the iPad 9 only has 2 internal memory capacity options, namely 64 GB and 256 GB.

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