Introducing Yasai, a new class in Dragon Raja

Who doesn’t know Dragon Raja, a popular cross-platform MMORPG game, now introducing Yasai, which is the 14th class in this game. To welcome the presence of this new class, the development team will present a new PVP mode – Phantom Tracking and interesting events in the game and in the community.

This mobile game, which utilizes the capabilities of Unreal Engine 4, is able to present stunning graphics and an interesting game world for players to explore. Thanks to these advantages, it is not surprising that Dragon Raja has been downloaded more than 30 million worldwide with high ratings since its launch in 2020.

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So, for the past three years, the Dragon Raja development team has been continuously adding new content to it. Starting from classes, maps, PVP and PVE modes, including new events so that players are always involved in the game, and can embrace both old and new players.

You can download Dragon Raja for iOS, Android, or PC, to enjoy these features and prepare for adventure in a world full of challenges.

Welcome Yasai, Class 14 Who Now Officially Enters the Dragon Raja Family

The latest update of the game introduces a 14th class named Yasai, which is inspired by the Japanese Ninja or Kunoichi. Yasai offers a unique gaming experience – make use of folding fans and kunai to defeat his opponents.This unique way of playing will certainly provide a fresh playing experience, and highlight how unique the ecosystem is that this game brings for the players to enjoy.

Present New PVP Mode

Different from the PVP mode that you know well, Dragon Raja now presents a Phantom Tracking mode which is certainly unique and challenging to try. In this mode, the players will be divided into two sides, between the chasers (The Pursuers) and the pretenders (The Pretenders).

The task of the chasers (The Pursuers) is to find as many pretenders and as quickly as possible by detecting them and then arresting them within the specified time.

For those who pretend (The Pretenders), they will be given the freedom to interact to disguise themselves and eliminate their existence, which of course will make it difficult for pursuers who try to catch them.

Even though it sounds simple, this mode will get your adrenaline going because you have to be able to catch, or hide properly until the end of the game determines whether you win or lose.

A Family of 14 Classes with Diverse Backgrounds

The Dragon Raja game, which is almost four years old, of course has to offer a variety of interesting content which is constantly being developed by the game development team. All the classes that players can choose and play certainly show the development team’s success in presenting interesting content.

This means that every three months there will be a new class added to the game, each with its own unique characteristics. This commitment to presenting diversity and uniqueness illustrates the seriousness of the Dragon Raja developers in embracing all walks of life, and keeping players interested in the content.

Commitment to Present Interesting Content and will Continue to be Developed

Not only does it provide various interesting things in the game for players to continue to enjoy, the Dragon Raja development team is committed to presenting interesting content that will continue to develop.

This commitment is proven by the launch of massive updates every quarter, starting from new classes, gameplay, and maps to be explored. To enliven the game even more, Dragon Raja also presents a limited event every month, so gamers don’t turn their backs on this game.When Dragon Raja entered its third year, the development team did not forget to bring innovation so that the game they developed was not monotonous and could be enjoyed by all players.

Lots of Interesting Events and Prizes for You Who Have a Socialite Spirit

In this update, Dragon Raja doesn’t forget to present you with lots of interesting events and prizes, especially for those of you who are socialites at heart. Especially daily events which are exciting in themselves, present various prizes to attract players to participate in them.

All the interesting ideas in this game are packaged by the development team based on feedback from the community. Not to forget, the development team also ensures that the events they hold are to satisfy the players’ interest, by presenting new events every month with a unique and interesting way of playing.

One example is the highly anticipated Club Odyssey event, because it is liked by players and can be enjoyed solo and guild, even players also have the opportunity to win cash prizes. Cosplay events are also held for those of you who are interested in enlivening the event.

So, overall Dragon Raja is dedicated to fostering a dynamic and interactive community, and providing players with various events and rewards to engage them and complete the in-game experience.

Creative Contest from Communities for Communities

Not only from the development team, it turns out there are also various contests or creative events from the community for the community. Whether it’s through pictures, handicrafts, where players show their creativity and love for this game on social media.

Seeing this, the development team will hold a do-it-yourself creative contest that will focus on designing and making weapon fans for the 14th class, aka Yasai, which we discuss in the latest update this time. Players also have the opportunity to win various attractive prizes, one of which is an ArtBook.

If you are interested in playing this game, you can download Dragon Raja on iOS, Android, or PC and join the community at Cassell College. Strengthened by regular updates and a variety of challenging and interesting events, there will always be something interesting for players to find in this game.






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