Infinix Introduces 3D Lighting Leather Technology

Infinix, which has built its name in the smartphone market over the past few years, is again creating a breakthrough with design as the key to its success.

The latest development from the Transsion Holdings smartphone brand is known as 3D Lighting Leather Technology, which combines colored LED lights with transparent thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) skin on the back edge.

3D Lighting Leather Technology: The Latest Innovation from Infinix

Infinix has achieved fame in the smartphone world, and one of the important aspects that has driven its success is its product design. 3D Lighting Leather technology is the latest breakthrough from the Transsion Holdings smartphone brand which combines colorful LED lights with a transparent TPU leather layer on the back edge.

This technology offers a four-layer structure that includes LED Light Guide Film (LFG) as a base layer coated with light-resistant paint to increase light transmission. The middle is equipped with transparent fiberglass that allows LED lights to shine through the transparent TPU skin.

Infinix plans to combine this 3D Lighting Leather technology with sound effects for dynamic notifications and notifications for various applications.

Awesome Visual Experience

One of the exciting aspects of 3D Lighting Leather Technology is the stunning visual experience it offers. With LEDs capable of producing a variety of bright colors, users can enjoy an impressive display when their phone receives a notification or signal.

The light effect radiating through the transparent TPU skin provides a unique and interesting touch to the smartphone design. This technology not only provides visual excellence but also enriches the overall user experience.

Introduction to the Infinix Note 30 VIP Special Edition

Infinix plans to introduce 3D Lighting Leather Technology in the exclusive Infinix Note 30 VIP special edition model which will be launched in the near future. This marks an exciting step forward for Infinix in its efforts to continue to bring innovation to the smartphone industry.

This special model will be an attractive choice for Infinix fans who are looking for a look that is more exclusive and different from the others.

Infinix continues to strengthen its position in the smartphone market with various attractive design innovations. Leather’s 3D Lighting technology is one of the latest examples of their efforts to provide a unique experience for users. With the use of bright LED lights and transparent TPU skin, the Infinix smartphone becomes more visually appealing.

With the upcoming launch of the Infinix Note 30 VIP special edition model, Infinix fans can look forward to getting a special and exclusive product. Infinix remains one of the key players in the smartphone market and continues to demonstrate their commitment to innovation and attractive design.






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