Indosat collaborates with YOOV to support the progress of Indonesian MSMEs

Tech News – Indosat Digital Ecosystem (IDE) by Indosat Business collaborates with YOOV, a technology company to develop corporate management systems for various industries and scales. This collaboration is to provide innovative solutions designed to meet the operational support needs of Indonesian MSME businesses.

SVPHead of SMB Business Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison Pushpendra Kumar in his official statement said that this collaboration was to support the progress of Indonesian MSMEs in running their business.

As part of this collaboration, YOOV will introduce comprehensive software for the Indonesian market, which includes a human resource management system, YOOV WORK, and a business operations system, YOOV LANCODE.

photo: Indosat

YOOV WORK will empower businesses to manage MSME human resources effectively, covering aspects such as attendance tracking and performance evaluation. While YOOV LANCODE allows businesses to develop custom systems that align with their unique needs very easily, just drag and drop.

With this solution, Indonesian MSMEs can facilitate business operations, increase efficiency and encourage sustainable business growth.

YOOV CEO Phil Wong emphasized that this partnership utilizes digital technology with Indosat’s strong network infrastructure. This collaboration will empower businesses in various industries to optimize operations, increase productivity and open up opportunities for MSME business growth.






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