How to View Your Own ShopeePay Number for Transfers (2023)

ShopeePay is a feature that makes it easier for us to shop at Shopee.

Not only can it be used to pay for the goods we buy, you can also carry out the balance transfer process with other users just by using the ShopeePay number.

However, often some users forget the ShopeePay number they have registered, so the transaction process is hampered.

So, if you also experience something like this, you can follow the guide on how to view the ShopeePay number below!

The Importance of Knowing the ShopeePay Number

As Shopee’s digital wallet, you can use ShopeePay to make payment processes more practically without needing to carry out a transfer process via a bank account.

In fact, you can also send or receive ShopeePay balances from other ShopeePay users.

However, to carry out the balance transfer process or top up ShopeePay, it is important for you to know the ShopeePay number that has been registered on your account.

The reason is, the top up or transfer process must use an active ShopeePay number that has been registered.

If you enter the wrong number, your transaction will fail to be processed.

By knowing your ShopeePay number, you can make transfers more easily, either from BCA to ShopeePay, from BRI to ShopeePay, or from Mandiri to ShopeePay.

How to View ShopeePay Number

The ShopeePay number is actually the same as the cellphone number registered with Shopee, only it has a unique transfer code which will make it a ShopeePay virtual account number.

To see the ShopeePay number, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Shopee application on your cellphone
  2. On the main page, click menu ShopeePay which is in the bottom navigation
  3. Next, click menu Top up Balance
  4. Select an option Bank transfer
  5. Choose one of the banks that you usually use
  6. Click the button Confirmation
  7. On the payment page, it will be displayed ShopeePay number yours
  8. Click the button Copy next to the number to copy it

Please note, this number includes a 3-digit transfer code according to the bank you choose.

If you only want to copy the number, then you can provide a number other than the first 3 digits of the number.

For example, if what appears is 122081234567890, then your ShopeePay number is 081234567890.

Register for ShopeePay Virtual Account Number

You need to know that each bank has a different transfer code to become a ShopeePay virtual account number.

When you want to top up ShopeePay, you need to adjust the ShopeePay virtual account number to the bank you choose.

The following is a list of ShopeePay virtual account codes for each bank:

  • SeaBank: 782
  • Bank BCA: 122
  • Bank BRI: 112
  • Mandiri Bank: 893
  • Bank BNI: 8807
  • Permata Bank: 706
  • Indonesian Sharia Bank (BSI): 608
  • Other Banks: 893

All transfer codes above are always followed by the registered Shopee cellphone number.

For example, if you want to transfer via BRI and your Shopee cellphone number is 081234567890, then your virtual account number is 112081234567890.

FAQ Regarding ShopeePay Numbers

Do you have to top up your balance to see your ShopeePay number?

No. If you just want to check the ShopeePay number registered in your account, you don’t need to top up your balance straight away.

Just follow the bank selection steps, then you can see the ShopeePay account number you are using.

How much is the ShopeePay Transfer Code?

You can see the ShopeePay transfer code via the Top Up Balance menu by selecting the bank you want.

Generally, this transfer code is the first 3 digits of the ShopeePay virtual account number that appears.

Do transfers between ShopeePay have to use a bank code?

No. This code is only used for top up transactions via bank.

If you want to receive a balance from another ShopeePay, you just need to provide your ShopeePay cellphone number which you can check using the method above.

So, that’s how to view the ShopeePay number for top up purposes from bank accounts or transfers between ShopeePay accounts.

After knowing the ShopeePay number, you can top up your balance or send balances to other ShopeePay users.

Good luck trying, OK!






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