How to use the View Once feature on WhatsApp, it turns out to be practical!

News – The WhatsApp application is always updating or renewing its various features. One of the newest features of the WhatsApp application is the view once feature. How to use the view once feature on WhatsApp?

What are the functions of the view once feature on WhatsApp? What are the advantages of using this feature? These questions are often asked by people who are curious and want to use it.

Information about the definition of the view once feature and how to use it will be discussed in this article. Watch this article right to the end to get more complete information!

Understanding the View Once feature on WhatsApp

The View Once feature in the WhatsApp application was launched in August 2021. This newest feature of the WhatsApp application can be used directly by Android and iOS users. However, users must update or update the WA application first.

1. Understanding the View Once Feature

View once means it can only be seen once by someone. What is the view once feature? The view once feature is a feature in the WA application that allows users to send photos or videos, but these photos and videos can only be seen once by other users.

2. Advantages and Functions of the View Once Feature

Generally, users who open videos or photos from other users can view photos or play videos repeatedly. The photos and videos are even saved automatically in the mobile gallery of the user who receives them.

However, if you send photos and videos using the View Once feature, then what happens can be different. The photos and videos that you submit can only be seen once by other users. After viewing once, the photos and videos will be deleted automatically.

In addition, photos and videos will not be automatically saved in the recipient’s cellphone gallery. The view once feature was indeed created and functions to maintain the privacy and security of WhatsApp application users. Those are the advantages of the View Once feature of the WA application.

Then, what if it turns out that other users don’t open the video or photo? After 14 days of not opening it, videos and photos sent using the View Once feature will be automatically deleted without having time to open them.

3. Lack of View Once Feature

Even though it has advantages, the view once feature also has disadvantages. The drawback is that videos and photos that are shared can still be recorded or screen shot by other users when they first see them.

Therefore, you should still use this feature wisely. It’s best not to send photos or videos that you don’t really want or don’t deserve to keep and share with others. The goal is of course to maintain the security and privacy of WA application users.

How to Use the View Once Feature on WhatsApp

Are you interested in using WhatsApp’s view once feature? If you are interested in using it, then you have to learn how to use or activate this feature on your cellphone. Here’s how to use the view once feature on WhatsApp, namely:

  • Make sure to update the WhatsApp application first so that the View Once feature can be used. Updates can be done directly using the Google Play Store or AppStore.
  • After completing the update, please open the WhatsApp application.
  • Go to the chat section and look for the user you want to send a photo or video to.
  • After that, select the “Attachments” icon next to the chat column.
  • Select the attach option “Photos & Videos” or “Gallery”.
  • You can also select “Camera” to send photos or videos taken in real time.
  • After that, look for the photo or video on the cellphone device storage that you want to send. Click on the photo or video you want to send.
  • Before pressing the send button, make sure you press the icon in the form of a circle with the number 1 in it. This icon is the icon for the View Once feature on WhatsApp. The View Once feature is next to the send button at the bottom.
  • Make sure the View Once icon is activated with the green mark.
  • Click “Ok” to confirm that you will use the View Once feature.
  • After the View Once feature is activated, the notification “Photo/Video is set for one viewing” will also appear.
  • Then click the “Send” icon to send the photo or video.

The recipient will also receive the photo or video you sent. When opening the photo or video, the recipient will receive a notification that the photo or video can only be viewed once and will be deleted after viewing.

The recipient will not be able to open or view the photos or videos sent after viewing them once. Instead, the message “Opened” or “Opened” will appear in the recipient’s chat.

You as the sender will not be able to open photos or videos sent via the WhatsApp chat display. The photos or videos you send will still be visible in your cellphone’s storage gallery.

However, if you send a photo or video taken directly via the WA camera application, you cannot see the photo or video again in the chat display. Apart from that, photos and videos cannot be seen in the cellphone storage gallery.

How to use the view once feature on WhatsApp. You can use it to send photos or videos that can only be opened once by the recipient. The newest View Once feature from WhatsApp can indeed be used to increase the security and privacy of its users.

However, in this case you can use GB WhatsApp, because the WA mod version of the application can make it easy for those of you who don’t want the hassle of sending photo and video files without needing to use the view once feature on WhatsApp.






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