How to Upload Videos on Facebook from Laptop and Cellphone

For friends who don’t know how upload video on Facebook, don’t worry. Because, apparentlyupload videos on these social media platforms is very easy.

You can even use a laptop and cellphone to do it. As we know, Facebook is a social media that has various interesting features.

Starting from posting status, sending messages, video calls, games, to posting videos. So, users can be more flexible when accessing Facebook.

One of the questions that many social media users ask is about upload videos. What’s more if you are a new user who doesn’t understand all the features.

Therefore, we will explain how toupload videos on Facebook. Read more below.

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How to Upload Videos on Facebook from a Laptop

Many Facebook users access this social media via laptop. The reason is because it makes more use of all its features. The appearance is also wider with user interface more comfortable.

Apart from that, uploading videos is also faster. You can even upload videos up to 4 GB in size. The method is also very easy, namely:

  • First of all, you have to connected to the internet network first. Then, open it internet browser installed on the laptop. We recommend that you use Chrome because it’s faster.
  • After that, go to Facebook official site. Enter, address email or telephone number and password from your Facebook account.
  • On the main page, click the button Photo/Video. It is located below the column for writing status.
  • Automatically, Facebook will direct you to storage drives on the laptop. Entered into folders the location of the video you want to upload.
  • To upload a long duration video on Facebook, choose a video that has a long duration with a maximum size 4 GB.
  • Click once on the video, then press the button Open.
  • Then, you have to wait while the video is loading. If so, then you can write a description for the video in the section What’s on your mind.
  • You can also set the type privacy And upload location. If so, then click on the button Post and wait until the upload process is successful.

There are two options when you want to upload videos on Facebook from your cellphone. First, you can use it browsers and secondly through the application. Both have the same steps, so you can freely choose.

To upload videos on Facebook from your cellphone, the method is:

  • Firstly, you have to open it Facebook on your cellphone and log in.
  • If so, then on the homepage of this social media, tap the option Photo which is next to the column for writing status.
  • Facebook will redirect you to the gallery. Select a video that you want to upload, make sure the size is not larger than 4GB. Because, process upload-it will fail.
  • Then tap the button Post. At this stage, way upload video on the Facebook application or browsers just the same.
  • You have to wait until the video loads and appears. While waiting, write a description or status for the video.
  • Don’t forget to organize too privacy and location for sharing videos the. is stories or regular posts.
  • After process loading-When you’re done, just tap SHARE yes, bro. Then wait for the process upload finished.

It turns out that sharing videos on Facebook is very easy, because you can use a laptop or cellphone. You can follow how to upload videos on Facebook from a laptop and cellphone as above.

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