How to Update Expired Wa Gb to the New Version

How to update expired WA GB-Hi my friends, all my beloved friends, as usual I will give you a cool tutorial about How to update expired WA GB to the new version complete with images so that it is easy for all of you to understand.

Previously I gave a tutorial on how to update WhatsApp without losing chat, please read it if you don’t understand. Maybe many of you are still confused about what WhatsApp GB is and where to download it.

How to update WA GB to the latest version “WA GB VERSION 9.1.0”

What is WhatsApp GB?

Whatsapp GB is a modified WhatsApp application that has been developed by someone so that it has different features from the official application. many people also call it whatsapp mod. The features offered on WhatsApp GB are much higher than the features offered by official WhatsApp on Playstore.

So for those of you who like new challenges and want to experience the sensation of using a modified WhatsApp application that has many features that are not available in WhatsApp applications in general, congratulations, you are in the right place. because in this post, I will discuss it in full so that it is easy for you to understand and use it.

Latest WA GB features

The WhatsApp GB Version 9.1.0 features that are not available on the official WA are:

1. Can hide check marks in messages
2. There are hundreds of beautiful themes available that are ready to be used as desired
3. Can send messages directly even if the telephone number is not saved
4. Can perform automatic locking without other applications
5. Can download your friend’s status
6. Hide chat messages
7. You can send messages later according to your schedule
8. It’s cool for you to see messages that have been deleted and also
9. You can also delete chats that have already been sent
10. Can send other types of files by sharing formats other than images and videos.
11. Can use any number of WA applications.

YESS, after you see the various cool features of WA GB, of course you want to try them, right? Unfortunately you can’t download this application on Playstore. To download it, please click the link here. First of all, you have to look at this:

  • Android Version‎: ‎4.3 and above
  • App size‎: ‎54.81 MB
  • Latest Version‎: ‎9.1.0
  • App Name‎: ‎GBWhatsApp APK

That is the latest version of the WA GB application. But what if the WA GB application has expired? You don’t need to worry, be sad and sad until you cry hehe, I will tell you how to update an expired WA GB to the new version and I will include a picture so that you are satisfied, because your satisfaction makes me happier hehe,, too much!!!!

OK, just follow the tutorial, friends






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