How to Turn Off Safe Search Google Chrome on All Devices🌊

Tutorial | Have you ever searched for information via Google Chrome but the results displayed were irrelevant? There are even some blurred images too? This is a sign that the safe search feature is active. There are several ways to turn off Google Chrome safe search, so that search results are more complete.

If you feel safe search makes search results irrelevant, you can disable it. Specifically in Google Chrome, it can be done in several ways for all devices. Check out the explanation below.

What is the Safe Search Feature in Google Chrome?

But before discussing how to turn off Google Chrome safe search, you should understand this feature. Maybe there are still many who don’t know about safe search and how it works. Apart from that, what are the advantages and disadvantages felt by users.

So, safe search is a feature that functions to filter search results made through the browser. This feature is also available in the Google Chrome browser. How to activate it as below:

  • Open address
  • Then swipe toggle cases which is next to the options Vulgar Results Filter towards the right.
  • Once activated, you can searching as usual but with more child-friendly results.

Advantages of the Safe Search Feature in Google Chrome

If we talk about uses and advantages, this feature is very helpful for internet users, especially parents. Because when safe search is activated, search results will be filtered. Whether these results are in the form of images, videos or certain sites.

In search results, safe search helps you to manage vulgar content. This is especially important when you use Google Chrome at work or with kids. The vulgar results include the following content:

  • Graphic sexual activity, nudity, or excessively graphic sexual material.
  • Violence and scary scenes.

But safe search only works on content displayed in search results. Does not include content you may find on search engines or other sites you visit directly. Likewise, blurring vulgar images if the Blur feature is activated.

If we talk about accuracy, actually safe search is not 100 percent accurate. But the benefits provided really help parents to monitor their children. The good impact is that children are protected from explicit content that is inappropriate for consumption.

Disadvantages of the Safe Search Feature in Google Chrome

If we talk about advantages, safe search does provide good benefits. But as said, the system works not 100 percent accurate. This may be one of the shortcomings.

So even though you have activated it, sometimes inappropriate content is still displayed. If you yourself use a cellphone, maybe you can still use it.skip. But it is dangerous for children to use Google Chrome without supervision, even though it has been minimized.

Apart from that, safe search also has other disadvantages. Sometimes when activated, this feature will filter out normal content. So even though the content is safe and not too vulgar to access, it is not displayed in search results.

This makes you unable to find something you are looking for completely. For this reason, if you want to see complete information, you can disable the safe search feature. The methods will be explained below.

How to Turn Off Safe Search Google Chrome

How to Turn Off Safe Search Google Chrome

If the safe search feature limits the search results and information you want to get, you should turn it off first. Do this if you have determined that your children are not using the same browser for you searching. That way only you receive the information.

You can turn off Google Chrome safe search on all devices, both cellphones and laptops. The menu can also be accessed easily and the appearance is simple. To understand how, see the following description:

1. Turn off Google Chrome Safe Search on your PC or Laptop

If you use a PC or laptop to access Google Chrome, you can turn off safe search in the following way. You can immediately disable it in the Google Chrome application. The complete method is as below:

  • Open Google Chrome that you use on your PC or laptop.
  • Then visit the Google Chrome preferences page or go to the section Settings.
  • Next, click options Search Settings.
  • Now you remove the check mark on the menu Turn on Safe Search.
  • Next for Private resultschoose Use private results.
  • You can change some settings if necessary.
  • Don’t forget to click Save to save the settings.

2. Turn off Google Chrome Safe Search on Android

This second way to turn off Google Chrome safe search is for Android cellphone users. As is known, Google Chrome is still the favorite browser on smartphones. Almost all user Android uses it to search for information.

But you don’t know that safe search is sometimes active by default even though it wasn’t previously set. These settings are used by Google’s systems to indicate that you may be under 18 years of age. So, the results displayed are more child-friendly.

You can turn off this feature to get more complete search results. For Android phones, follow the guide below:

  • Open a browser Google Chrome on an Android cellphone.
  • Then type whatever information you want to search for.
  • Once the search results page opens, tap line three at the top left.
  • Next go to section Search Settings.
  • Tap a feature SafeSearch and select Non-active.

Apart from that, you can also directly open the Google Chrome preferences page. Later the menu displayed is the same. These are the steps:

  • Open the app Google Chrome.
  • Then visit the address
  • Check the Contents section, then select SafeSearch.
  • If the current setting Filtering is on, replace it with Non-active to turn it off.

3. Turn off Google Chrome Safe Search on iPhone

Actually, the iPhone has its own web browser called Safari. But it’s not uncommon for people to still use Google Chrome because they’re used to it. On your iPhone, you can also deactivate the safe search feature with the steps below:

  • Open the app Google Chrome.
  • Go to section Settingsthen select Google Browser Settings.
  • Scroll screen and find the menu Privacy.
  • Tap an option Search Settings.
  • Check section Show Most Relevant Results to turn off safe search.
  • Press Save to save the settings.

4. Turn off Google Chrome Safe Search in the Google Settings application

The last one is how to turn off Google Chrome safe search via the Google Settings application. Usually this pre-installed on devices marked with a gear icon. How to turn it off is as follows:

  • Open the app Google Settings.
  • Select menu Search & Now.
  • Go to section Accounts & Privacy.
  • Next, slide the panel in the menu SafeSearch to the left. Later a message will appear below SafeSearch is not active.

That’s how to turn off Google Chrome safe search on all devices. You can disable this feature to get relevant and complete search results. But it’s best to keep it active if children use it.

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