How to Transfer OVO to ShopeePay with Virtual Account (2023)

Do you often shop using the Shopee application?

If so, surely you are already familiar with the ShopeePay payment method, right?

ShopeePay itself is one of the most widely used digital wallets in Indonesia.

This service developed by Shopee was previously a special payment method that could only be used in the Shopee application.

Apart from being able to use it for shopping, you can also send and receive balances from other digital wallets, one of which is OVO.

Want to know how to transfer OVO to ShopeePay easily and practically?

Come on, see the complete explanation below!

OVO Transfer Conditions to ShopeePay

To transfer OVO to ShopeePay, you need to ensure that your OVO account has been registered.upgrades Go to OVO Premier first.

OVO has two user levels, namely OVO Club and OVO Premier.

OVO Premier not only offers convenience in making transfers to other banks, but also allows you to get higher transaction limits.

Besides upgrades to OVO Premier, you also need to ensure that you have sufficient balance to make the transfer.

Finally, also make sure that the cellphone number you are calling has also activated ShopeePay.

How to Transfer OVO to ShopeePay

To transfer balance from OVO to ShopeePay, you can do it via the ShopeePay virtual account.

So, make sure you know how to view the ShopeePay number first, okay?

If so, then you can immediately carry out the transaction process in the OVO application.

Here is how to transfer OVO to ShopeePay using a virtual account:

  1. Open the OVO application.
  2. Select menu Transfer on the main page.
  3. Select the transfer option To Bank Account.
  4. In column Destination Bankselect the bank you use according to the ShopeePay number you chose.
  5. Next, enter the ShopeePay virtual account number that you copied.
  6. Enter the nominal balance you want to top up.
  7. Press the button Continue.
  8. Double-check your transaction details to ensure that the recipient and nominal balance you entered are correct.
  9. Next, press the button Transfer.
  10. Enter the 6 digit OVO PIN.
  11. Done, now you can check your current ShopeePay balance.

OVO Transfer Fee to ShopeePay

Every transaction you make using OVO to ShopeePay will incur an admin fee of IDR 3,000.

These fees include admin fees for OVO transfers to ShopeePay of IDR 2,500 per transaction and admin fees top up ShopeePay is IDR 500.

For a fee top upyour ShopeePay balance will be deducted automatically for each transaction.

OVO Transfer Limit to ShopeePay

In accordance with applicable regulations, OVO has transaction limits which aim to protect the security of its users.

The minimum transfer imposed by OVO is IDR 10,000 per transaction.

Apart from the minimum transfer limit, OVO also applies a maximum transfer limit which is divided into 3 periods, namely daily, weekly and monthly.

The daily OVO transfer limit is IDR 10,000,000 with a total of 10 transactions.

Meanwhile, the weekly limit is IDR 15,000,000 with a transaction limit of 35 times.

So, while the monthly transfer limit from OVO is IDR 30,000,000 with a total of 90 transactions.

You will not be able to make transactions exceeding the set limit. So, if you want to make another transfer, you need to wait for the next period.

How to Overcome Failed OVO Transfer to ShopeePay

One of the conditions for transferring OVO to ShopeePay is to do so upgrades account to OVO Premier.

If you haven’t done it yet upgradesthen you can be sure that you will not be able to make transfers to other bank accounts, including ShopeePay.

However, transfer failure can also occur due to various other causes.

Therefore, the first step you have to take if you experience this is to immediately check your internet connection and make sure it is stable.

Apart from that, you also have to make sure that you have entered the correct ShopeePay virtual account number in the OVO application.

So, that’s a complete explanation of how to transfer OVO to ShopeePay.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that OVO does not yet have a special feature that allows you to make transfers to ShopeePay directly.

However, you can still transfer your balance to ShopeePay using virtual accounts bank.

Hopefully it’s useful, OK!






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