How to top up Eggy Party, the newest game similar to Stumble Guys

You must know how to top up Eggy Party so you can buy skins and other cosmetic items in this game. Here’s the complete guide.

Eggy Party adds to the long list of NetEase games that are present in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. This game will officially be available on Friday, September 8 2023.

For those of you who have pre-registered, there will be various attractive prizes. One of them is a ticket to participate in the “Rock and Roll” event.

Eggy Party is a multiplayer competitive game available for Android and iOS devices. This game has cute and adorable graphics.

In this game, you have to survive by going through various obstacles in several mini games. In each round, the number of players will continue to decrease.

As a multiplayer game, of course you can play with other players randomly or even create your own room to play with friends.

Eggy Party reminds us of Stumble Guys and Fall Guys. The difference is, in this game there is a Creator Mode which allows you to create your own arena.

You can also dress up the character called Eggy to suit your individual preferences. Starting from skins to other cosmetic items.

To get these items, you have to top up Eggy Party first. This top up functions to top up Eggy Coins, a transaction tool in the game.

Don’t know how? Come on, take a look at the following explanation!

How to top up Eggy Party

The following is how to top up Eggy Party to get Eggy Coins at Lapakgaming.

  1. Open the Lapakgaming site.
  2. Click the “Eggy Party” category or just type “Eggy Party” in the search box.
  3. Select the nominal Top Up Eggy Coins you want, starting from 10 Eggy Coins to 6880 Eggy Coins.
  4. Choose a payment method such as via Dana, OVO, Qris, and others.
  5. Enter your Eggy Party account User ID.
  6. Click Buy Now, then complete payment.
  7. Eggy Coins have been entered into your account.

Eggy Party top up price list on Lapakgaming

10 Eggy Coins Rp. 1,900
60 Eggy Coins Rp. 11,900
120 Eggy Coins Rp. 23,000
300 Eggy Coins Rp. 58,100
700 Eggy Coins Rp. 137,500
1380 Eggy Coins Rp. 257,300
2080 Eggy Coins Rp. 378,900
3450 Eggy Coins Rp. 628,700
6880 Eggy Coins Rp. 1,251,600
Eggy Coins top up price list.

That is Lapakgaming’s explanation regarding how to top up Eggy Party. Make sure you know this method so you can get Eggy Coins easily.






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