How to solve the Instagram error “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” on an Android cellphone

Fix Instagram Error application can’t be opened- one of the social media that is currently booming, after first this social media could only run on the iOS operating system, now Android OS users can use it and finally there are more and more users all over the world. With the photo and video sharing features in this application, users feel very comfortable using this social media application. That’s why almost celebrities and world figures use this social media application.

The increasing number of Instagram application users throughout the world of course causes the server or application on your Android cellphone to experience errors or bugs, therefore users often experience errors such as suddenly exiting the application, not being able to refresh, or an error that displays the message “unforunatelly Instagram has stopped” or it can be interpreted as “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” and this is the error that most often occurs to Instagram users on their Android phones. Well, this time we will try to share a few tips for dealing with the “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” error in this article, pay close attention to the tips below.

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The first way is to delete the Instagram cache

Cache is a bookmark on an application that is currently running or has not been completely closed so that the application is actually still running in the background without the user’s knowledge, making your Android cellphone heavy and slow because it fills the system with RAM and other hardware becomes busy. Causing the Instagram application or other applications to feel very heavy or lagging. For this reason, it’s a good idea to first close other applications that are not being used.

To delete it, there are actually available cache cleaning applications for the system on Android phones, such as Clean Master, Ccleaner, etc., but if you want to do it manually, you can do it in this simple way:

Go to settings >> tap Application >> select downloaded >> select the Instagram application >> tap or click “clear cache/delete data” done… it’s easy isn’t it.

The second way is to delete Instagram data

If the first method doesn’t work, it’s also a good idea to do this method, namely by forcefully deleting and clearing the Instagram application data, so that this way the Instagram application will be completely closed and not running in the background. Deleting data on the Instagram application means forcing you to reboot the Instagram application on your cellphone so that the application will run again as if it had just been downloaded for the first time. This method is quite effective as long as you remember your Instagram username and password to be able to log in again.

Check out the method, namely by going to settings, selecting the application, selecting downloaded, selecting the Instagram application, then clicking clear data, or force close.

After deleting the data on the Instagram application, all you have to do is log back into your Instagram account normally with the password and username you have.

The third way is to upgrade the Instagram application

You can do this method if an error occurs in the Instagram application and the message “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” appears. By updating the latest version of the Instagram application, there is a big possibility that the error or bug in the Instagram application will immediately disappear and be replaced with a newer version of Instagram. new which of course has more features that have been improved and perfected. Please try it

The fourth way is to uninstall and reinstall the Instagram application

One way you can do this is to uninstall this application and re-install it. If one of the methods above still doesn’t work, then this method is worth trying. To uninstall it, do the following.

Go to the settings menu, select application/apps, select downloaded, select the Instagram application and select uninstall/uninstall…done

If you have uninstalled the Instagram application on your Android cellphone, then all you have to do is download the latest Instagram application on Google Playstore and install it immediately.

The fifth way is to restart your Android cellphone

If you have done some of the methods above, then every time you do one of the methods above, it’s a good idea to restart your Android cellphone. and remove everything installed on your Android cellphone such as MicroSD or battery and SIM card. Then you leave it for a few moments and then turn it back on because by restarting the Android device there is a big possibility that errors and junk files and cache on the hardware system will also be deleted so that the cellphone will be light again.

However, if next time there is a problem with your Android cellphone, you should install a cleaning application such as CCleaner or Clean Master or other similar applications. Which of course you can use to clear the cache on the system on your smartphone device. so that performance will remain optimal.

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These are some simple tips that you can immediately use to solve the “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” error on your Android smartphone. Hopefully this information is useful and for tips and tricks on other Android smartphones you can read them in other articles on this website…good luck.






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