How to set so that the car is not damaged in Assetto Corsa (Damage Off)

How to set so that the car is not damaged in Assetto Corsa (Damage Off)

The following is how to adjust the settings so that the car is not damaged in the Assetto Corsa game. In this way, the car will not receive any damage or damage during a collision between cars or when it hits or touches a dividing wall. We will set it to no damage or damage off.

Once the car is damaged or damaged during racing, the car will become slower and more difficult to drive, even if the damage is serious, the car will not be able to move and force us to stop racing or DNF (Did Not Finish).

Disabling damage is also very useful if we are practicing on a new track, there is no need to bother restarting because the car damage is too heavy.

How to set so that the car is not damaged in Assetto Corsa (No Damage)

  1. Open the “Content Manager” application for the Assetto Corsa game. If you haven’t used Content Manager, please install this application first then continue this tutorial.
  2. On the main Content Manager page, please look for the words or settings “Tire blankets”. Click the menu options button (three dots in a row) to the right of the text. If successful, a new window will appear.
  3. In the “Mechanical damage” setting, please reduce it or shift the setting to 0% (zero percent).
  4. Finished. Please try it straight away using any car and track.

If you want to restore the settings so that the car becomes normal again (it can be damaged and get damage) please change the Mechanical damage section back to 100% or to whatever percentage you want. The smaller the percentage, the less damage the car will receive.

What is mechanical damage?

Mechanical damage in the automotive world refers to damage experienced by a car which results in an abnormal physical condition of the car, for example the engine overheats, the car tire explodes, the suspension bends, etc.

However, there is something you need to pay attention to when playing simulation games like Assetto Corsa, each car is designed with a different concept. There is a possibility that the damage experienced by the car in the game is not accurate and is not the same as in the real world.

In the game, sometimes visually the car looks still smooth but actually there is something damaged, and vice versa. So it is not recommended if you use the calculations in the game in the real world because many factors can be different.

What if the car is still damaged after disabling (mechanical) damage?

If after you deactivate damage, the car still has damage, please try the steps below.

  • Make sure you use the Assetto Corsa game with the latest updates and also the Content Manager application with the latest updates.
  • Use the official car or the one that comes with the game, problems could come from the mods installed.
  • Use the official tracks or circuits that come with the game, problems could come from third party circuit mods that you install.
  • Restart the application and check the “mechanical damage” setting again, make sure the setting remains at 0% (zero percent).
  • Change the mechanical damage setting to 100% then try a test race. After that, change the setting back to 0% and try the test again.

Hopefully this article about how to set the settings so that the car is not damaged or does not receive damage in the Assetto Corsa game is useful. If you have questions, please save them in the comments column as usual. Remain a wise user. Good luck!

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