How to Sell Diamond Game Items at the Cheapest Prices

How to Sell Diamond Game Items at the Cheapest Prices – How can other people sell game items (such as diamonds etc.) at a cheaper price than the ingame?

At the start of Covid, I got involved in the world of startups and ml. Direct transactions via foreigners using crypto (USDT) to buy materials in the form of coins.

This coin is used to order diamonds on a special website, sorry I can’t mention it because it involves kitchen secrets. The rate is cheaper & can be resold

Well, but as far as I know, there are other ways that can make it cheap:

How to Sell Diamond Game Items at the Cheapest Prices

1. Via web promo/voucher and this is legal, the seller only needs an ID.

2. Take advantage of the price rate of certain currencies (usually those that have been subject to inflation, such as the Argentine Peso/Turkish Lira yesterday) which have not been updated in-game by the developer, usually the seller needs to log in to our account.

they take advantage of cheaper regions in other countries, for example Argentina, Brazil and Turkey. If the cheap ones don’t make sense, it’s usually the result of c4rding or the result of being revoked (asking for a refund)

What I have done with other countries’ currencies, so if Mobile Legends uses Brazilian currency, the rate can be 0.6 rupiah.

Purchasing with an account whose regional settings are not the same as the user’s actual region could be the result of a crime if it violates the legal service agreement.

NOTE: Google Playstore now can’t use other countries’ regions, even if you use VPN in that country, payment will be failed because we are not in that country directly.

3. Use an external website, this takes advantage of the difference in price rates too, there used to be a smileone which now seems to have updated its rates.

Play with other countries’ exchange rates so it can be cheaper

If you top up via ingame directly, it will also be taxed again, so it will be even more expensive

4. The seller is a streamer, content creator, or similar. Get a reward from Moonton then sell it. Seller can only sell via gift.

5. c4rding, use the CC of someone who is a copycat. Can be via ID, login, or gift depending on how the seller plays.

There is almost certainly a crime committed or at least in the gray area. In fact, it’s impossible to sell it cheaper than first hand

*Note; It doesn’t always have to be done illegally, it could also be because the seller has entered into a collaboration with the game owner as a distributor/channel, so he gets a discount (because the distributor also has to get a profit margin).

This is similar to the business of selling credit, why credit top-up channels outside operators can give prices that are relatively the same as the operator.

Other Legal Ways:

Another way, can be bulk buying. That is, the seller comes to the game owner and buys in-game currency in large quantities/wholesale, so he can ask for a discount. This discount difference becomes his profit margin and he can control how much he wants to sell.






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