How to See the Color Code on a Site

In the increasingly developing digital era, color has become one of the key elements in web design. Color not only provides visual aesthetics, but also plays a role in creating brand identity, attracting visitor attention, and influencing the user’s mood and perception of a site.

In the world of web design, color codes are a numerical representation of each color used. This code is usually expressed in a certain format, the most common of which is the HEX format (Hexadecimal), RGB (Red Green Blue), and RGBA (Red Green Blue Alpha).

Seeing color codes is not only important for professional web designers, but is also useful for site owners, developers, and anyone who wants to understand more deeply the color palette of a web page. However, how do you actually see the color codes used in the design of a site?

In this article, the author will discuss easy-to-understand steps for you on how to see the color code on certain elements on a website. Lastly, it will use an extension called CSS Peeper on a desktop browser to see the colors on a site.


1. Here, the author uses the brave browser but the method is exactly the same as what was done in software other browsers. Even if there is a difference, little will be done. The author please do and think almost the same way if your browser is different.

2. To do this, press the three line icon at the top right of the Brave browser. In other browsers it may be a three dot icon instead of a line. Then, choose settings :

3. Select the named setting extensions and select get more extensions To download the CSS Peeper extension:

4. On a search regarding search the storejust type CSS Peeper and it will appear like this:

5. Choose the top one. If so, press the button add to add in your browser. Here is the author’s name add brave because it uses the brave browser. If you use Google Chrome it might say add chrome.

6. Then, you will see a special warning. So, you just click add extension Just :

7. If so, wait and another warning will appear on software your browser, that the extension has been downloaded.

OK, how do I use it? Let’s say the author visits a site where this site is the author’s site which has been hosted at Replit, you can search for the site yourself to try this extension. For this, the author simply clicks on the CSS Peeper extension at the top right of the browser and selects the color area of ​​the site you want to view then click.

The results are like this:



In an increasingly connected world, web design has become the primary means of conveying information and creating engaging interactive experiences. Color, as a central element in design, has an undeniable role in creating a unique identity for every website. With a deep understanding of how to view color codes on a site, we can dig deeper into the essence of striking visual design in the digital world.

Through this article, the author has discussed easy steps to see the color code on a particular site. The ability to observe this code provides insight not only to web designers, but also to site owners and developers who want to maintain consistency and communicate a strong message through their chosen color palette. With knowledge of color codes, we can embrace freedom of expression in design, while still adhering to the principles of visual harmony.






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