How to See Join Date on Instagram, Your Own and Other People’s Accounts

When someone creates an account on Instagram, the system will record that date as the joining date. Users can see this date after checking.

How to see the joining date on Instagram is very easy and not complicated.

If you want to check the date but don’t know how, this article will explain the steps until completion.

There are two main ways that can be followed. Read the following description to find out.

How to See Private Instagram Join Date

Quoting, seeing the date of joining a personal Instagram account is very easy. Moreover, Instagram already provides a date recording service so that data is stored in the application.

The process of checking the joining date on your personal account will require several steps to complete.

There are at least seven stages that must be completed. If you want to know how, then see the following description:

  • First enter the installed Instagram application
  • Make sure to log in to the account you want to check and don’t open any other accounts
  • After that, go to the “Account Profile” section in the rightmost row below
  • Then press the button with the three dots logo in the top corner
  • Press the “Settings” button, and continue with the “Security” button
  • After that, open the “Access Data” option so that all account data can appear

Wait a few moments, then the access data will open and display all account information including the joining date

The above process does require high precision. This is because there are many menus to enter and the buttons are also varied.

Therefore, users who want to check must do so with full attention.

If the buttons above have problems and cannot be used, then you can also check by looking at the date the first post was made.

Usually, someone will upload a post on the first day they create an account.

However, this method is not very accurate considering that not everyone makes posts.

Therefore, the most appropriate way to do this is to look at the data stored in the Instagram system.

How to Check Someone Else’s Instagram Join Date

How to see other people’s joining dates on Instagram is also available.

So actually, the date you joined Instagram is not confidential data so anyone can see it. The viewing process is also very easy.

To do this, users must carry out four different stages.

So how to view it is not as complicated as on a personal account. If you want to know how the process works, then look at the following process structure:

  • First, open Instagram and look for the other person’s account whose joining date you want to know
  • After that, open the account and press the button with the three dots logo at the top
  • Then select the “About This Account” option
  • Wait a few moments, and data will appear on the date the account was created

This data indicates the date of joining Instagram. Even though there are not too many stages, the data provided is still accurate.

This process will help show the joining date or account creation date of the other person being checked.

The final word

The method above is most accurate when compared to looking at the date of the first post. It could be that the first post on the creation date has been deleted so the data is no longer valid.

These are several ways to see the joining date on Instagram. Because there are many methods, choose the most suitable method. Also read other articles on, OK!






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