How to Restore Deleted SMS Messages on an Android Phone Easily

Tips N Tricks to restore deleted SMS on Smartphone- Often because we are busy and in a rush to clean the inbox folder on our cellphones, it is not uncommon for important SMS or messages in our SMS inbox to be deleted even though the SMS is quite important, it can contain messages from loved ones or contain certain verification codes. So what if this happens?

In fact, with the sophistication of smartphones now, especially those that run on the Android operating system, of course this can be done, as long as we understand how to maximize the Android features on our smartphones, so on this occasion our team has summarized tips and tricks on how to easily restore deleted SMS on Android cellphone.

This tip requires an additional application which you can download on Google Playstore or if you don’t find it you can search for it directly via the browser, but it would be better if your Android cellphone is already rooted, but even if it isn’t rooted, this can still be done. see how below:

With the WonderShare Dr.Fone Application

One of the applications made by a leading developer, previously this developer developed software for Android device management via PC, such as Bluestack. But not only that, Dr. Fone has also developed software that can be used for file recovery, such as restoring deleted files on Android devices such as images, SMS, audio files or contacts that have been deleted, even call-in conversations or call history can also be restored by the application made by Dr. .this phone.

  1. First, you have to download the Wondershare software, which you can download directly from the official website, after that you install the application on your laptop/PC.
  2. After installing on your PC. Now, try going to the settings menu on your Android cellphone, then click on the developer options menu and select/tick the USB debugging option. If the developer options menu is not found, try selecting the About menu in the settings menu and click until the message “you are now a developer” appears. After that you can return to the initial menu
  3. Now you try to open the Wondershare dr.fone application on your laptop/PC after previously connecting your Android cellphone via USB cable, after that the dr.fone application will autorun by recognizing your Android device and a pop-up message will appear and you select “allow ” in the message.
  4. After the Android device is connected to the Wondershare application, try opening the Wondershare application and click “Start” so that the process of searching data on your Android cellphone is immediately carried out. This process usually only takes a few minutes depending on the internal capacity of your Android cellphone.
  5. After the searching and scanning process has been completed, you try clicking the “messaging” option then you select the SMS that has been deleted and you want to restore by simply ticking the check box option on the SMS. Previously, you had to be sure that the SMS message was indeed the message you wanted to return or recover. Once checked, you can click the recovery button.
  6. After selecting or clicking the recovery option, usually the message or SMS is saved again in the inbox folder on your Android cellphone.

It’s easy isn’t it, but if the method above is still not enough to restore deleted files, you can try the following method which has more or less the same procedure.

With the MyJad Android SMS recovery application

As the name suggests, namely SMS recovery, of course the main function of this application is to restore deleted SMS on your Android smartphone device, but this application is also compatible with iPhone devices. Let’s try its reliability.

  1. Previously, you had to download this application on the official website and then install it on your laptop/PC.
  2. Once downloaded and installed on your laptop, now try connecting your Android device to your laptop via a USB cable. After previously activating the “USB debugging” option like the method with the Wondershare application above.
  3. After the Android cellphone is connected to the laptop, autorun to detect the connected device will be carried out automatically, and then the MyJAD application will carry out an automatic scanning process on your Android device.
  4. After the scanning process is complete, try selecting the “message” menu in the MyJad application
  5. And then various SMS messages that have been deleted will appear in red, whereas if the SMS is black, it means the SMS is still stored in the inbox folder of your Android cellphone. Now just select which SMS will be recovered by checking the check box on each SMS.
  6. Once you have the SMS to be recovered, please click the “recovery” button on the MyJAd application and the recovery process will take place, whether it takes long or not depends on how many SMS are recovered, but this process will not last long.
  7. After the process is complete a pop up message will appear, all you have to do is click “OK” which means the recovery process to restore deleted messages has been successful and the SMS can be seen in the inbox folder on your cellphone, please unplug the USB cable attached to your cellphone and laptop.

So, those are the two methods for restoring deleted messages on your Android cellphone. Hopefully, with these tips on how to easily restore deleted SMS messages on your Android cellphone, your problem can be resolved and you can use the SMS again if it turns out that the contents contain important messages or secret codes. Hope it is useful. Thank You.






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