How to Remove the Tiktok Video Watermark (Remove the “TikTok” Writing)

How do you remove watermarks or TikTok text? We often see TikTok videos that have a watermark which is usually at the top left of the video and moves around.

There are a lot of TikTok users and they are dominated by teenagers and even children. Not only that, several celebrities and artists have also started using this entertainment application.

The resulting video will be marked with the words tiktok. However, there are many users who sometimes feel irritated by the watermark and want to remove it.

This is a sign that the video was made using the TikTok application. However, some users sometimes don’t like it when it is shared on social media, so sometimes we look for ways to delete it.

Can you remove the tiktok watermark?

Of course you can, sometimes this is so that they can show off to their friends at the same time so they don’t find out that the video is from Tiktok. Therefore, here we will share how to remove the TikTok watermark on videos.

How to Remove TikTok Video Watermark on Android

To get rid of the ticktock text, which is sometimes on the top left and bottom right of the video, we can use a third-party application called Watermark Manager.

Curious about how? Let’s see the tutorial below.

Previously make sure you already have the application Watermark Managerif not, please download it on the Play Store.

Install as usual then run the application.

In the first display, select the video whose watermark you want to remove by pressing the button SELECT VIDEOS.

Next there will be two options, namely delete logo and add logo, because we are going to delete here, select it REMOVE LOGO.

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Then go to the gallery to find the video.

If it is open, a crop-like sign will appear, drag the sign and adjust it to the location where you want to remove the watermark.

For example, on the top left first, then save.

So then the watermark is still there at the bottom right of the video, repeat the steps from the beginning and mark the TikTok text at the bottom right.

Click save then see the results, now the watermark will no longer be visible.

Cool, right?

It’s a bit complicated because we have to go back and forth to enter the application. This is because the TikTok watermark on each video always changes its location.

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Another way you can do this is by cropping and taking only the middle part of the video. Because generally the TikTok writing is only on the side.

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So that’s how to delete TikTok text or watermarks on Android. Very easy right? We will probably continue to post tricks and tips about TikTok on this blog. Just wait for our next update.






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