How to Remove “Skip” Ads on Youtube and Websites

Tutorial – How to Remove “Skip” Ads on YouTube and Websites – Advertisements on YouTube are of course very annoying. Why not, every time we play a video, at the beginning we have to wait for the ad to pass by like someone watching TV. This time, how to remove ads on YouTube will be applied to the Google Chrome browser. For those of you who use other browsing applications such as Opera, Mozilla, etc., just adjust it. The point is, how to get rid of ads on YouTube uses extensions.

The extension that we will use is Adblock Plus. This extension can not only remove advertisements on YouTube, but can block annoying advertisements on every site we visit. The aim of removing advertisements is not only to make us more comfortable, but also to ease page loading and also save internet quota, especially packaged internet users.

OK, without further ado, let’s follow the steps together How to Remove Ads on YouTube by using an extension from Google Chrome. Again, for users of other browsers, just adjust. This means, please look for an extension that has the same function as Adblock Plus in the other browser you use.

Tricks and Ways to Remove Ads on YouTube and Websites

1. First, click the selection button in the top right corner, select “Settings” ==> “Extensions” ==> “Get more extensions” as clearly seen in the following instruction image.

2. In the search field, type “Adblock Plus“. If it appears, make sure what is selected is really an extension called Adblock Plus. Then click “Add to Chrome“.

3. If a dialog box like this appears, just click “Add extensions“.

4. Then the extension will be downloaded in a few seconds and then automatically installed in your Chrome browser. To find out whether the Adblock Plus extension has been installed or not, you can look at the ABP icon in the menu bar. If the ABP icon appears, it means the extension for removing ads on YouTube has been installed. As seen in the following image.

So, please try opening one of the videos on YouTube. You will see that the ads that appear at the beginning or middle of the video will no longer appear. OK, so that’s it How to Remove Ads on YouTube, hopefully useful. If you feel the article above is quite helpful, make sure you click “Like” or “Share” in the column below to appreciate the results of the author’s hard work. Thank You..

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