How to Remove Audio Noise with AI: Fast & Accurate Solution!

In the current digital era, audio has a very important role in everyday life. However, a common problem that often occurs with audio recordings is the appearance of noise which interferes with the sound quality. Now, there is the best solution with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology which can remove noise in audio quickly and accurately. In this article, we will provide tips and tricks how to remove noise in audio with AI which can improve the quality of your voice.

Various noise removal technologies have been tried and tested over the years, but the use of AI is the best and most accurate in removing noise from audio. Keep reading this article to find out the right ways to remove noise from your audio using AI technology.

What is Noise in Audio?

Noise in audio is unwanted sound that appears in sound recordings. Noise can come from various sources such as the surrounding environment, poor recording equipment, or unstable electrical signals.

In general, noise in audio can interfere with the actual sound quality and make it less clear and clean. This can affect the effectiveness of the audio, especially if the audio is used for professional purposes such as in video or podcast production.

Benefits of Removing Noise in Audio

There are many benefits you can gain by removing noise in audio. First, by removing noise in audio, you can improve the sound quality of the recording and make it clearer and cleaner. Second, you can increase the professionalism and audio quality of your content or products. Lastly, with better audio quality, you can increase the appeal and effectiveness of the content you create.

Techniques for Removing Noise in Audio with AI

AI technology has drastically changed the way we process audio and recordings. Using deep learning techniques, AI algorithms can automatically recognize and remove noise in audio.

There are two main techniques for removing noise in audio with AI, namely Spectral Subtraction and Wiener Filtering.

Spectral Subtraction

The Spectral Subtraction technique reduces noise in audio by removing signals in the frequency range that are considered noise. The process takes place in several stages, namely:

  • Prepares audio by converting it into a format suitable for processing by AI algorithms.
  • Analyzing the audio spectrum to determine the frequency range that is considered noise.
  • Reduces noise in that frequency range.
  • Produces new audio that is free from noise.

Wiener Filtering

The Wiener Filtering technique uses a mathematical approach to predict the desired signal and separate noise from the signal.

This technique works by:

  • Analyze audio signals to obtain a frequency spectrum.
  • Removes noise spectrum and maintains desired signal spectrum.
  • Uses Wiener filter to reduce noise effectively.
  • Produces new audio that is clean from noise.

In both techniques, the AI ​​algorithm will process the audio and remove noise automatically. You only need to prepare audio processing software that supports AI technology and follow the steps provided.

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Steps to Remove Noise in Audio with AI

Following are the steps you can follow to remove noise with AI.

  1. Prepare audio processing software that supports AI technology such as Adobe Audition or Audacity.
  2. Import the audio files that need to be repaired into the audio processing software.
  3. Apply Spectral Subtraction or Wiener Filtering techniques to remove noise.
  4. Listen to the corrected audio recording again to ensure that the noise has been removed properly.
Spectral Subtraction Wiener Filtering
1. Audio spectrum analysis 1. Statistical analysis of signals
2. Identify the noise frequency 2. Making a Wiener filter
3. Create a “noise profile” 3. Application of the Wiener filter to the signal
4. Noise reduction in audio

The steps above can help you remove noise easily and quickly using AI technology. Make sure to choose the right technique and follow the steps correctly to get optimal results.

Tips for Avoiding Noise in Audio

In addition to eliminating noise, it is important to avoid recording noise in the first place. Here are some tips that you can apply:

  • Choose a microphone that is good quality and suits your needs.
  • Place the microphone correctly and according to the instructions for use.
  • Choose a recording place that is quiet and has minimal noise, such as a recording studio.
  • Use quality equipment to avoid noise coming from the equipment.
  • Use good audio processing software that suits your needs, such as Adobe Audition or Audacity.

By implementing the tips above, you can minimize the occurrence of noise in audio recordings and improve sound quality significantly.


In today’s digital era, audio quality is very important in everyday life. However, noise can interfere with the actual sound quality. Now, there is the best solution with AI technology that can remove noise quickly and accurately. In this article, we have explained what noise is, the benefits of removing noise, techniques and steps to remove noise with AI, as well as tips for avoiding noise. By following these steps, you can improve your audio quality significantly.






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