How to Register Netflix on iPhone Quickly & Easily

Okay, guys, this time I will explain a tutorial on how to register Netflix on iPhone easily and quickly. Without further ado, please follow the steps below:

1. Download the Netflix application on the App Store

Just go to the App Store on your iPhone, then type the keyword “Netflix” in the search field. After the Netflix application appears, please just click the “Install” button. Make sure the Netflix application you install is made by “Netflix Inc”.

2. Open the installed Netflix application

After the Netflix application has been downloaded and installed, the application icon will appear on your iPhone’s main screen. Just open the application, by clicking on the application icon.

3. Select a subscription package that appears on the home screen

When you open the Netflix application, usually the initial display will display a selection of the subscription packages they offer. Please choose a package that suits your needs and of course your budget. There are various package options available on Netflix, such as Basic Package, Standard Package, and Premium Package. Please study the details of each package before determining your chosen package.

4. Create your Netflix account

After selecting the package of your choice, you are required to create an account, aka Sign-up. Here you are asked to input your active email address, then asked to create a password. Make sure the password you create is complex enough, so that your account remains safe. After filling in the requested information, tap the “Continue” button.

5. Select the payment method you want

The next step, please select the payment method you want. There are several payment methods available on Netflix, namely debit / credit cards and PayPal. Please select the payment you want, then fill in the form regarding your payment information. Please note, your payment information will be safe according to (claims from) Netflix.

6. Verify email

After entering payment information, Netflix will send a verification email to the email address that you previously registered. Go to your email inbox, and look for an email from Netflix containing verification instructions. Click the verification link contained in the email to complete the account verification process. Usually you will be directed again to the login page from Netflix, log in, and you will enter the Netflix page.

7. Done

Finished! Finally, you managed to register Netflix on iPhone quickly and easily. After this, you can enjoy exclusive content available on Netflix.

So, that’s the tutorial on how to register a Netflix account on your iPhone quickly and easily. Hopefully the tutorial above is easy to understand and of course useful for you. By the way, Enjoy watching your favorite shows on Netflix! (af)






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