How to Register a Smartfren 4G LTE Card for a New Number

How to Register a Smartfren Card – In 2017, the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo) established a new policy regarding the use of cellular numbers. For this reason, users must register the new number they will use. Different from the old method, which could use fake data. This time you have to provide your KK and NIK number to register a new number on your cellphone.

This is of course in accordance with government policy that has been implemented since 2017 regarding the use of current telephone numbers. So currently we cannot use fake data to activate our new email number. Not only Smartfren, but several other providers also require prior registration to be able to use the new number.

To register your new number, you can use several methods, such as via SMS or online. It depends on which method it is easier for you to use. So, the benefit of registering your new number is to avoid data misuse and things that are detrimental to consumers. Apart from that, it also makes it easier for service providers for cell phone consumers.

To register a Smartfren card, there are three easy ways that consumers can use. Apart from that, Smartfren will also offer card services with 4G LTE network features that are ready to pamper your internet. So, for further clarity, let’s look at the review together regarding how to register the latest Smartfren 4G LTE card today.

Even though many people use cellphones as a means of telecommunications, there are still many people who do not understand how to register a SIM card. This is certainly an obstacle for some people who want to use a new number. Yes, so that you don’t get confused about activating a new number, you have to know in full about the correct and easiest way to register a Smartfren card, here is the information.

1. How to Register a Smartfren Card Via SMS

The first way to register your Smartfren card is via SMS. This method is indeed simpler and simpler, because users only need to send an SMS to 4444 with the format NIK#KK Number#. For example, 3330076645100065#3333000154761920# then send it to 4444. The SMS will be sent immediately and you just have to wait for the SMS reply.

2. How to Register a Smartfren Card Online

So, the second way, you can use the online method. The way to do this is to directly visit the site In this case, you only need to enter the Smartfren registration page and fill in the requested data. Users need to fill in the data on the Smartfren number used, NIK, verification data, KK number, email and other telephone numbers.

Specifically for verification data, users can choose PUK (can be seen on the back of the card), activation code or SMS. And if you have filled out the form, make sure you read the terms and conditions and don’t forget to tick the section “I have read and agree to all terms & conditions”. Next, all you have to do is click the Continue button.

3. How to Register a Smartfren Card in the Smartfren Gallery

And the last thing is that you can go directly to the Smartfren galleries spread across your cities. However, even if you directly visit the Smartfren gallery, don’t forget to bring your KTP and KK to register your new Smartfren number. By visiting the Smartfren gallery directly, you will be helped to register your new number easily and quickly.

So, even though registering your new number is quite easy and straightforward, for some people registering a SIM card is quite confusing. So it is not uncommon for users to ask shop or counter owners for help to register your new card. Yes, it’s not just Smartfren that requires users to include their original KK and NIK numbers when registering.

Telkomsel, Indosat, XL and Three also apply the same thing when registering your starter card or new number. By registering your new number, your number will be safer. Apart from that, you can also unregister if you want to change cards or don’t use the card anymore. To unregister, you also have the same method, namely by sending an SMS to 4444 with the format UNREG#NIK# then sending it to 4444. Apart from that, you can directly contact contact 4444 to unregister your card.

On the other hand, using a new number, you are also required to register your new number by filling in all the requested data. After filling in all the data, you can immediately use the card’s services, such as SM, telephone and internet using the card. So, guys, that’s the review of the latest Smartfren Card Registration Method at the moment. Hopefully it can be useful for all of you.






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