How to Recover Photos From a Formatted SD Card

How to Recover Photos from Formatted SD Card – Until now, photos seem to be one type of file that is really needed by many people. And usually this is used to store various kinds of memories that may never be repeated again. This is why many people are starting to capture things on various existing devices.

This is so they can access various kinds of photos whenever they are or when they miss that moment. So, this is what usually makes people feel sad and annoyed when they find that their SD card was formatted accidentally. Because that means the origin of the city is lost and maybe they will have difficulty accessing it again.

Or maybe they will even no longer be able to access it. Well, don’t worry, because basically there are several ways to recover photos from a formatted SD card. And you can do several ways that can be discussed once.

How to Recover Photos from a Formatted SD Card

Basically, of course none of us wants to format the SD card we have. Because when we do this, we will no longer have access to see the photos or videos contained therein. And usually why is it because I can perform this because we accidentally pressed the format button.

And some people might feel worried when they accidentally format the photos on their device. But don’t worry because there are lots of ways to recover photos from formatted SD cards that you can try. For those who are still confused, you can just read the following explanation.

But please note that this format activity is divided into several parts. Because it turns out that some are not all formatted or are not permanent and some are permanent.

By Using the Windows CHKDSK Command Line

The first way you can do this is by using the Windows chkdsk command line. As the title suggests, this method is a method that can be done by those of you who use Windows. The method is quite easy, so it can be applied immediately when you experience this problem.

In this case, you can type cmd in the Windows search box, then just open the command prompt section. Then press and run as administrator. Next, go to chkdsk g:/f/x/r – In this section you can replace G with the drive letter of the SD card that has been formatted. Then just enter.

By Using the Stellar Photo Recovery Application

The second way to recover photos from a formatted SD card is to use an application. We cannot deny that currently there are many types of applications spread on the internet. And each application has its own different base.

In this case, we even found applications that can actually be used to sound photos that were accidentally formatted. One application that can be used is the stellar photo recovery application. This application includes network software and is easy to use for anyone who wants to recover photos that have been deleted from an SD card.

What’s even more interesting is that it can also be used if, for example, we want to buy photos from action cameras, drones and others. This same application will recover files with photos using the original file name and date. And maybe this is what makes so many of our people like to use this application.

What’s even more interesting is that this application will also maintain the quality of the deleted image. If you are interested in using this method, you can download and then install the application first, either via your Windows laptop or Mac. Then you can connect the SD card to the computer you are using, either using an internal or external card reader.

Now just open the software then select the external storage location where you want to recover the deleted photos. And now just press the move button to find the deleted photos. If, for example, the scanning process is complete, you will be able to see a preview of the SD card photos that were previously deleted.

How easy is it? And then you just have to choose which photos you want to recover from the existing preview interface. For example, if you have, you can press the restore section, and you can also choose the location yourself to save the recovered photos. And this is one method that is truly recommended for anyone to try.

And what’s more interesting is that apart from this application, there are various other applications available which in fact were also created to help residents in returning photos that were accidentally formatted. So, the application above is an application that can be used if we want to recover deleted photos on a laptop or computer.

No need to worry because in fact you can also restore accidentally deleted photos to the format on your cellphone or Android device. Because currently there are quite a lot of applications that can be used to restore photos to format on a cellphone. And the applications may not just be a few.

But more than 5 applications. Later, you just have to use the application that is suitable and that is recommended for use. But it should be noted that not all applications can restore photos that have been formatted. This is because of the system implemented in each application.

Because based on the reading that the author has done, there are applications that implement a system that can only restore formatted photos provided that you have installed the application first. Aka it can only restore deleted photos or to our format if you have used whatever you downloaded the application.

That means you will not be able to restore photos that have been deleted or formatted before downloading the application. For application models with systems like this, it would certainly be better if, for example, you download the application just in case. With the aim that you can return photos to the previous format easily.

But yes, please just choose from the various systems implemented in each application that actually suit your needs. If for example you need to, just use more than one application. OK, that’s the explanation regarding how to recover photos from a formatted SD card that you can try.

That’s the explanation this time, hopefully it’s useful.






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