How to Play Pokemon GO Without Leaving the House (Latest Update)

Game News – Pokemon GO is still the favorite cellphone game which is still quite popular and it is not uncommon for several blogs to provide information and tricks about this game.

As we know that to play the game we cannot easily run it on all Android phones because there are already several conditions or minimum cellphone specifications to play Pokemon Go which we have discussed in the previous post.

And we also know that this game must use GPS which requires us to walk out of the house to visit various places where there are Pokemon there for us to catch.

Usually we will compete with other players to hunt for Pokemon to catch them so that our Pokemon collection is large and we can freely play them in battle.

For players who lazy to leave the house Indeed, this game is not really suitable for you to play, but did you know that there are several ways you can play Pokemon games at home without going out to catch Pokemon, meaning we only need to do it from home.

Since the main feature for searching for Pokemon is activating the GPS, we can work it out by using a free application available on the Play Store.

One of the best applications to fake location is Fake GPS Location Spoofer Freewhere by using this application we can create a deceptive position (GPS) that we can use as if we were walking to “look for Pokemon”.

Curious about how? Please see the following tutorial.

How to Find Pokemon Without Leaving the House

Indeed, I really don’t recommend this trick because we might be constantly lazy to leave the house, you can only do this method if you can’t go out, for example when it’s raining, it’s hot or the weather is cloudy.

Application Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free is available for free for Android devices, and there are no special specifications for installing it.

You can freely install it on Samsung Galaxy, Asus Zenfone, Sony Xperia and various other green robot smartphones.

First, please download the Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free application at Play Store.

And next, please first activate Developer Options on your Android by going to Settings > About > Software Information then look for the formation number and tap 7 times.

After that, please activate it and tick the section to allow fake locations

Then open the Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free application and select the GPS Only mode

And now you can specify the location where you want to catch Pokemon without having to walk.

Try it too => Automatic Pokemon Finder App for Android.

By using this trick, of course it will be easier and faster for you to find the Pokemon you want. Even without root, this application can still run smoothly on all mobile platforms with Android OS.

Tips for those who want to find step (legendary) Pokemon, please look for places that are quite famous and often visited by people, such as mosques, parks, city parks and others like that.

For those who cannot operate the application above, please look for an application that is similar in function and how it works to what I have mentioned above.

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