How to Pay Home Credit via BRI ATM (7 Steps), Easy! | Some people still don’t know how to pay Home Credit via BRI ATM. In fact, customers can do it like a normal transfer process, you know. You only need to spend 5-10 minutes so that the funds can be deposited directly real time.

Home Credit never stops pampering its customers. Now, anyone can pay their installments via BRI, BCA, Mandiri ATMs and any bank easily. The admin fees charged are not too expensive, even under IDR 10,000.

Installment payments can simply be made via offline merchants And on line. However, the majority of customers more often pay their installments at ATMs because they receive physical proof of their transactions. You can also withdraw cash without the hassle of going back and forth from the house again.

What is Home Credit?

Home Credit Indonesia (HCI) is a financial company that provides financing services to all partners it has collaborated with. Non-cash financing can be used to purchase all household equipment, gadgetsto electronics.

Home Credit has long been known as one of the best credit service providers, even without a credit card, with various conveniences for its customers. They can also be contacted and found in all regions in Indonesia.

Home Credit Application Terms and Conditions

Anyone has the right to apply as a Home Credit customer. You can’t do it carelessly. This is because potential consumers must know the terms and conditions below:

  • Minimum age 19 years (married) and 21 years (not married).
  • Prospective customers have a minimum income of IDR 1.5 million per month (specifically for the Yogyakarta and Semarang areas, minimum IDR 1.2 million).
  • KTP and other supporting documents that are still valid.
  • Prospective customers receive approval in the application within 3 days.

Home Credit Late Fees and Fines

Customers who are late in paying Home Credit monthly installments will usually be subject to fines or late fees. The amount varies depending on the policies that have been set as follows:

  • 5 days late: Rp.50,000.
  • 30 days late: Rp. 125,000.
  • 50 days late: Rp.275,000.
  • 90 days late: Rp. 450,000.

How to Pay Home Credit via BRI ATM

How to Pay Home Credit via BRI ATM

Home Credit installments can be paid via BRI ATMs throughout Indonesia. Therefore, you have to pay it on time so you don’t incur a fine. If you look at the details above, the amount of late fees charged is quite large, you know.

To prevent this problem, we have put together a tutorial so you can make installment payments without any hassle. This article is a solution for you, even anyone who is still confused and doesn’t understand how to pay Home Credit Indonesia installments.

How to Pay Home Credit via BRI ATM

BRI customers who have Home Credit installments can pay at the nearest BRI ATM. Additionally, use the correct contract number and follow the tutorial below:

Step 1: Visit a BRI ATM

Visit the nearest BRI ATM near where you live. If you have found it, enter your debit card and PIN, then press the button Indonesian.

Step 2: Select the Other Transactions Menu

You can choose the menu Other Transactionsnext press the button Payment to start the transaction process.

Step 3: Click BRIVA

On the next page, press the button Other. The screen will show all the payment options, then click BRIVA.

Step 4: Enter Payment Code

Press 88420 which is the Home Credit payment code, followed by the contract number sequentially behind it. If it is correct, press the button Correct.

Step 5: Check Payment Information

You must double-check all payment information correctly and thoroughly. If you are sure, press the button Yes. If one of the numbers is missed, your request will not be processed.

Step 6: Enter the Bill Amount

Enter the nominal payment to be deposited carefully. Then, press the button Correct to confirm. Don’t forget to ensure that your balance is available, so that your request can be processed.

Step 7: Payment Completed

You can wait 1-3 minutes until the process is complete. The ATM machine will issue a transaction receipt, which is proof that the Home Credit installment payment process was successful.

How to Pay Home Credit via BRI Internet Banking

For BRI customers who have activated the service Internet banking BRI, Home Credit installments can also be paid via an IB-BRI account. The following is a payment guide that you can try, namely:

  • Access the website via your cellphone or PC browser.
  • Login with ID and password who are already registered.
  • On the main page, press the button Payment and Purchase.
  • Click Bill payment.
  • Select menu BRIVA.
  • For owners of two or more accounts, use one of the active accounts in the Account option.
  • Press 88420 and continued with the 10 digit contract number.
  • Click Send.
  • Enter your BRI PIN or m-Token.
  • Click Send to confirm.
  • Finally, wait a few moments until a notification appears that the transaction process was successful.

How to Pay Home Credit via M-Banking BRI

BRI customers who are registered as BRImo users can also pay HCI installments in the application. Read the Home Credit payment guide via BRImo correctly below:

  • Open the app BRImo on your cellphone first.
  • Login using username And password active.
  • Select menu BRIVA.
  • Type 88420 aka BRIVA number followed by 10 digits of contract number in the column provided.
  • Check the payment information again correctly and thoroughly.
  • Then, enter the nominal installment to be paid.
  • Click Correct.
  • Enter your BRImo PIN.
  • Check the notification when the Home Credit payment process is complete.

How to Pay Home Credit via ATM Bersama

You can use ATM Bersama if you use a bank account that has a limited number of ATMs. This ATM can be found in certain places, while the payment tutorial is as follows:

  • Go to the nearest ATM Bersama.
  • Enter your ATM card and PIN.
  • Select menu Transfer.
  • Click From a Savings Account.
  • Select menu To Another Bank Account.
  • Press 0138462 followed by the 10 digit contract number.
  • Click Correct.
  • Check all transaction data again correctly and thoroughly.
  • Click Yes to confirm.
  • Take the transaction receipt and immediately leave the location when the process is complete.

How to Pay Home Credit via Permata ATM

Home Credit installment payments can be made at Permata ATMs throughout Indonesia. If you want to try it, you can follow our instructions as follows:

  • Visit the nearest Permata ATM.
  • Enter your ATM card and PIN.
  • Select menu Other Transactions.
  • Click Payment.
  • Select menu Other Payments.
  • Click Virtual Accounts.
  • Press 8462 (Home Credit payment code), followed by the 10 digit contract number.
  • Click Correct.
  • Use the account that will be the source of transaction funds.
  • Click Yes.
  • Finally, follow the next instructions until the payment receipt comes out of the ATM machine.

Home Credit installments cannot be paid after the due date, i.e. late. You must use the Home Credit payment method via BRI ATM above, so that you can hand over the money and avoid quite large fines. Hope this helps and good luck!

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