How to Participate in YouTube Gatherings, Meetups with Fellow YouTubers

YouTube Happy Hour, that’s the name for official gatherings attended by YouTubers. If you are a YouTube Creator and want to meet other YouTube Creators, then you can take advantage of this free opportunity.

YouTube Happy Hour is a fun event, you can meet other YouTubers, eat and have fun. If you don’t know how exciting this Youtube Happy Hour Event is, here is a video from Crack An Egg.

How ? It looks really fun, right? However, it turns out that not just anyone can take part in this event, there are several conditions that you must fulfill in order to register and take part in this YouTuber Gathering or Meetups event.

How to Participate in Youtube Happy Hour or Creator Day Events

YouTube has a rewards system based on the number of subscribers, so will not explain too much detail about the reward system, but it is more or less like the following:

  • Graphite: 1–1K subscribers
  • Opal: 1K–10K subscribers
  • Bronze: 10K–100K subscribers
  • Silver: 100K+ subscribers
  • Gold: 1M+ subscribers
  • Diamond: 10M+ subscribers

So, to be able to take part in this Youtube Happy Hour Event, you must have at least more than 1,000 subscribers (Opal). In fact, some time ago there was a special event for YouTubers with subscribers above 10,000 (Bronze).

The higher your subscriber number, the more opportunities you have to take part in various events organized by YouTube besides YouTube Happy Hour.

YouTube also said that the Creator Day event could be attended by YouTubers with a number of subscribers above 1,000.

Youtube Gathering Event Schedule

For those of you who want to know the schedule of events such as Youtube Happy Hour or Creator Day, you can visit the Youtuber Forum. On this forum there is an updated schedule of the latest YouTuber gathering events, both official and unofficial.

This event is usually held in big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta. And in October 2016 there will be a Youtube Happy Hour event in Yogyakarta.






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