How to Overcome Windows 7 Blue Screen

How to Overcome Windows 7 Blue Screen – As laptop or computer users, it is probably not uncommon for some of us to have experienced or encountered a screen that is full of blue. This blue screen is usually known as the blue screen. So you need to know that this blue spring condition is a condition where our device experiences an error in the system.

And it cannot be denied that the blue screen problem is one of the problems that is quite common, and is not uncommon for laptop or computer users who in fact use a Windows operating system. This condition will affect our activities that require a laptop or computer.

So when we experience this problem, some work will be delayed. And it turns out, the blue screen condition is not only disturbing our activities when using a computer or laptop, but can also reduce the performance of its use. Basically, this condition can be caused by various things.

Starting from an error in the software or hardware of the computer or laptop. Then there are also several other causal factors. Because it is one of the common problems, this time we will discuss how to overcome the Windows 7 blue screen. For those who use Windows 7, maybe you can pay attention to the explanation of this until the end.

This is so that after reading this review you can immediately solve the problem and the device can be used straight away.

How to Overcome Windows 7 Blue Screen

In fact, we have discussed several causes of screen sprints in the previous explanation. However, this explanation is a very general explanation. And we only mentioned one cause. Therefore, before we discuss several ways to overcome the Windows 7 blue screen, we will reply again regarding several causes.

The first cause could be due to an error in the system. And if we pay attention, it turns out that the cause is currently one of the most common and most frequently occurring causes. Namely, the system is experiencing erosion. Then it could also be asked that there are too many programs running, then there is a system collision, it could also be due to overlocking.

The next cause could be due to driver damage. In this case, it could be because the operating system does not properly detect the new device being connected. And this then causes the driver to experience damage. Be it prosperous or automatic. Meanwhile, the next cause could be due to outdated RAM.

So we can’t deny that the main RAM can also make the screen turn blue. And maybe quite a few of us experience this because of the RAM used. OK, if for example it is clear what the causes are. Now we will discuss how to deal with the Windows 7 blue screen.

By Restarting or Restarting the Computer

The first way to overcome the Windows 7 blue screen that we can do is to restart or restart the laptop or device. This method is one of the easiest and simplest methods that can be done. Apart from that, it is also a method that is quite effective and practical for anyone to do.

Because sometimes the blue screen can be caused by relatively small problems, so just restarting it can solve the problem properly. As for how to restart or restart it, you can just press the laptop’s power button for a few seconds. Or this method can be done by restarting the device you have.

By Using Windows Action Center

Apart from overcoming the first method, you can also overcome it in the second method, namely using the Windows action center. Please note that Microsoft has provided various features that can be used by their users. One of them is the action center feature which in fact can really help users to experience several problems that exist in Windows.

One of them is when you experience a blue screen condition on the screen. To solve this problem, you can just click on the start section then select the control panel section. The next way is to just click maintenance, and select check for Solution. The next step is that Microsoft will provide information if there is a solution to overcome this problem.

If you have found the solution on the screen, just follow the instructions. Just follow the solution so you can solve the problem well.

With System Restore

The next way to overcome the Windows 7 blue screen is to restore the system. If you pay attention, this method is also one that is quite effective in solving blue screen problems on the device you have. You can try this method. By using this method, the computer system will return to the way it was before the problem occurred.

The way to restore the system is to simply press the power button to turn on the computer. Then when the laptop or device boots, just press f8 and select safe mode. Then enter.

When the boot save modal is complete, you can click start and select the control panel. Continue by selecting system and security, next select Action Center. Continue with the recovery menu, select open system restore, continue following the instructions and you’re done. And now you just have to wait for the process to finish.

By updating Windows

Another way that is also quite effective in overcoming this blue screen problem is to update the Windows you are using. This method is usually the method most often used by Windows users. And maybe, for example, if you have already done several of the methods above but they were successful in the past, this method is the recommended method.

Including when you take it to a service location. The way to update it yourself is to go to the start menu, then select control panel, select the system and security section, in the Windows update section, just click on the menu and click Again check for update. Click OK.

OK, those are some of the ways you can try, and you can do some of the methods above to find the most effective way to overcome the problems you are experiencing. And apart from the methods above, you can also try other methods. Basically, there are several other ways that are also effective in overcoming existing problems.






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