How to Overcome Unlicensed Microsoft Office Products on Windows

How to Overcome Unlicensed Microsoft Office Products on Windows – So far, Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used software in the world. Be it by laptop or computer users. Which is software that can be used to create and edit documents according to needs. And it turns out there are lots of things that make people interested in using Microsoft Office.

And it turns out that the more you come here, the more products that compete with Microsoft Office. It still cannot be denied that, for example, Microsoft Office has not yet been replaced by other products. Microsoft Office allows us to create various kinds of documents according to our needs.

Whether it’s office needs, then college assignment needs, or anything else. And what’s most interesting is that there are lots of programs in Microsoft Office. Starting from Microsoft Office Word, then there is also Microsoft Office Excel, Powerpoint, and others. And perhaps the large number of programs is what makes many people interested in using Microsoft products.

And one thing is certain, even though this product is a very good product, or even the best compared to other word processing programs, this application is also very likely to experience errors or problems. And the problems they experience can also vary greatly. One of them is unlicensed.

Then other problems could also be due to the program not responding, namely writing or saying the program is not responding, then it could also be that it has stopped working, and various other problems. But this time we will discuss problems with unlicensed product information.

For those of you who may be experiencing this problem, you can just take a look at several ways to deal with unlicensed Microsoft Office products on Windows below.

How to Resolve Unlicensed Microsoft Office Products on Windows

Basically, there are several reasons or causes that make you experience this problem. The first reason may be because you don’t have an official license from Microsoft Office. Because we cannot deny that the price to buy a license from Microsoft Office is quite expensive.

And if you are going to use their product, even if you buy an official license first. And if for example you don’t have one then you can’t use it. And this is what will cause you problems. Then the next reason could be because you installed a small or trial version.

Before you decide to use a program from Microsoft Office, they will provide a trial period first. Trial period This can also be said to be a trial period. The duration given is 1 month. That means you can use their product for free without having to buy a license for 1 full month.

But when the trial period has expired, you have to use the paid version or buy a license from them. For example, if you are still using the trial version, you will find a description of the product being unlicensed. Another reason may be because there is a problem with Microsoft Office. And this is also very likely to happen when you are using the original version.

This may be due to an error or similar damage. And of course, apart from the causes above, there are still several other causes that cause unlicensed product information to appear in the application you are using. OK, here are several ways to deal with unlicensed Microsoft Office products on Windows that you can try.

Make sure that for example you have an official license

As you mentioned before, one of the causes or factors for you experiencing unlicensed product problems is that you don’t have an official license. If the problem is that you don’t have a license then what you have to do is make sure that for example you have an official license.

And you really have to do this, so you can use Microsoft products freely whatever you want. And as we know, using Microsoft Office requires and requires you to have an official license. The goal is so that you can use the application anytime and anywhere without any obstacles.

If, for example, you find information about an unlicensed product, this is certainly because the license you have may not be official. And to fix this, you have to buy the official version. The way to confirm this is to open one of their Microsoft Office applications on your device. Then you can access the file menu and select the account.

Next, for example, if you have activated it in the product information section, you will find information in the form of an activated product. If it turns out that the product information section says activation required, you might first enter the product key or license you have. So that later the application can be active and you can use it.

For example, if you already have the license but are confused about how to enter it, you can just go to any existing Microsoft Office application. Then select the file menu section and select account. Select the product information section, and click on the change product key section. The next step is just to enter the license code that you have. And finally, just click continue.

The next stage is to follow the process on the screen to activate the license you have. How about it, it’s quite easy, isn’t it?

By Using a Third Party Activator Program

The next way to deal with unlicensed Microsoft Office products on Windows is to use a third party activator program. As the name suggests, this activator program is a program that allows you to activate Microsoft Office. And actually in previous articles we have discussed third party activator programs that can be used.

But we really do not recommend that you do this method, because it is an illegal method. And we really must avoid it. Currently, there are quite a lot of applications for third-party assets circulating on the internet and we can choose them ourselves according to our needs.

By Fixing Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

Meanwhile, another way to deal with unlicensed Microsoft Office products on Windows is by repairing the Microsoft support and recovery assistant. The way you can do this is by downloading and also installing the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant application.

If, for example, you can open the application and select the yes section, then you can click next. Next, just follow the instructions to solve this problem. If, for example, you have followed the step by step properly and correctly, then this problem will clear and you can use existing Microsoft Office applications or programs.

OK, those are some ways to deal with unlicensed Microsoft Office products on Windows that you can try. That’s the discussion this time, hopefully it’s useful.






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