How to Overcome Server Connection Failed in Alight Motion

In general, when you open the Alight Motion application, the home screen will appear.

This display usually contains information about updates from Alight Motion, tutorials and tips for using the application.

But sometimes when you open Alight Motion a notification appears error which contains the message Server Connection Failed. The appearance of this message also makes the information on the Home page not appear and you cannot work on the project.

So, for that reason, in this article I will explain how to resolve Server Connection Failed in Alight Motion. If you are experiencing this, you can immediately read this discussion.

How to Overcome Server Connection Failed in Alight Motion

What’s that error Server Connection Failed in Alight Motion? Error This indicates that your device failed to connect to servers from the Alight Motion application.

The causes could be a problem with the internet connection, the cellphone system and even the Alight Motion application itself.

But you don’t need to worry, because solving this problem is quite easy. Here’s how to resolve Server Connection Failed in Alight Motion:

1. Restart the cellphone

The first thing you can do is to restart MOBILE PHONE. The purpose of this method is to refresh your cellphone system again.

For example, if it turns out there is error on your previous HP system. Then you can do it restart so error the system can be repaired automatically restart earlier.

Well after you do restart, you can try opening the Alight Motion application again. If it still appears erroryou can try several other solutions.

2. Check Internet Connection

Alight Motion is one application editing on line which requires internet to open it.

What’s more, there is information up to date on the home page every time you open the Alight Motion application.

Because it is an application on line, then you also have to confirm the internet connection that is being used. Is there any disturbance or not?

So, to check it, you can go to the Speedtest site. For example, the speed is low, a sign that the internet connection you are using is having problems. Then you can try replacing it providers first, then open Alight Motion again.

3. Use Additional DNS

If you only use one providers, you can try using additional DNS. One of the recommended additional DNS is Cloudflare.

Cloudflare DNS will later be able to help improve connection quality, which can help overcome problems server connection failed at Alight Motion.

How to enable private DNS from Cloudflare, as follows:

  1. First open Arrangementselect menu Connection and tap Other Connection Settings.
  1. After that look for the menu Private DNS.
  2. Enter Name DNS host and tap Save.
  1. Lastly, please check the site via browser. Then confirm the column Connected to, Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) And Using DNS over TLS (DoT) is in the options Yes.
  1. Finished.

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4. Clear Alight Motion Cache

Error error as above, it is actually not only caused by an internet connection. But it can also be caused by the application.

For example, like error which are caused by cache pile up. Therefore, if you experience error in the app, you can also try deleting cache-his.

Here’s how to delete cache in Alight Motion:

  1. First run it Arrangement and open the menu Application.
  1. Search and select the application Alight Motion.
  1. After that select menu Storage.
  1. Finally, tap Erase Memory to eliminate cache stored.
  1. Finished.

5. Update the Alight Motion application

Applications that are not in updates are also more susceptible to experiencing error. This also includes errors server connection failed that you meet at Alight Motion.

Therefore, if there is updates Just update the good version. Because you will also get many benefits, such as new features, eliminating bugs previous version and so on.

If you want to update the version as usual, you just open it Google Playstore then search for the application Alight Motion. For example, if there is an update notification, please tap it Updates to update it.

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The final word

Problem error Server Connection Failed in Alight Motion is not only caused by the internet connection. But it can also be from the cellphone system or the application itself.

Therefore, you can try several ways to overcome Server Connection Failed in Alight Motion that I described earlier.

Hope it is useful.






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