How to Overcome Higgs Domino Can’t Send Chips

Higgs Domino Cannot Send Chips

Higgs Domino Cannot Send Chips – On Android there are lots of interesting games available that can be played, even for free. The games provided consist of various genres which are definitely interesting to play. One of them is a domino game that is fun to play, such as Higgs Domino Island. This game has boomed in the last few years, becoming one of the most popular and sought after games on the Google Play Store. Many people claim to be able to make money from the Higgs Domino Island game.

Higgs Domino Cannot Send Chips

The Higgs Domino Island game provides many features to support the game. One of them is Chips which are the currency in the Higgs Domino Island game. The chips you own will later be used as a requirement to take part in the games provided in the game. In this case, the chips have their own value like real currency, where you can set the value of the chips staked in one of the selected games. If you win the game, the chips you bet will be returned and the chip value will be added as a reward.

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Chips in the Higgs Domino game itself can be obtained in several ways. One of the most common ways to get chips in the Higgs Domino Island game is to log in every day. Yes, every day players will be given free chips even though the amount or value is not that big. Apart from that, Higgs Domino chips can also be obtained by topping up with real money. And the final way is to ask friends to share the chips they have by using the Send Chip feature. For this last method, sometimes we don’t find this feature so we can’t send chips to friends or other players. So, how do you solve Higgs Domino not being able to send the chip? You can see complete information below.

How to Overcome Higgs Domino Can’t Send Chips

Reasons Why Higgs Domino Can’t Send Chips

There are several conditions that make the Higgs Domino game not display the Send Chip feature. Knowing the cause will certainly make it easier for us to fix the problem. There are several reasons why Higgs Domino cannot send complete chips, as follows:

  1. The Higgs Domino game has not been updated to the latest version.
  2. Unstable internet connection.
  3. Still not reached the specified level, namely level 5.
  4. Errors or bugs in the Android operating system.
  5. Problems with the Higgs Domino server.
  6. The Higgs Domino account has not been upgraded to a VIP account.
  7. HP that is not compatible with the latest Higgs Domino version.
  8. Higgs Domino account that is not equipped with a cellphone number.
  9. Using the MOD version of the Higgs Domino application.
  10. Full cache or junk files.

After knowing the reasons for not being able to send chips to Higgs Domino above, now we move on to how to solve it. As for how to overcome Higgs Domino not being able to send complete chips, as follows:

1. Restart your Android cellphone

The most effective way to overcome errors in applications or games, including the Higgs Domino game, is to restart or restart. This method will delete cache and trash files in RAM, so that the cellphone’s performance will return to its original condition.

Just press and hold the Power button on your Android cellphone, then select the Restart or Restart option. Now you can try sending Higgs Domino chips again to another account.

2. Check the Internet Connection on your cellphone

Because it is an online-based game, of course an internet connection is needed for the game to run smoothly. Try opening a browser and browsing there. If you feel that the connection is very slow, it means that the problem is really with the internet connection on your cellphone.

The way to overcome this is simply to activate Airplane Mode on your Android cellphone. Wait a few moments, then deactivate Airplane Mode again. If it still persists, try changing networks to another provider or connecting your cellphone to a WiFi network.

3. Update Higgs Domino to the Latest Version

When running the old version of the Higgs Domino game, you will usually find lots of errors or bugs in it. This also includes error problems when sending chips in the Higgs Domino Island game.

To fix this, you need to update the Higgs Domino Island version to the latest version. To update it yourself, you can go directly from the Google Play Store. How to open Google Play Store and type Higgs Domino in Search. Open the game page and click Update.

4. Delete and reinstall Higgs Domino via Google Play Store

Especially for those of you who use the modified version of Higgs Domino, you definitely won’t be able to send chips in it. For this reason, you should delete or uninstall the Higgs Domino Island MOD application. You do this by entering the menu Settings >> Applications >> search for and select Higgs Domino >> select Uninstall or Uninstall.

If it has been successfully deleted, then you download and reinstall Higgs Domino Island via Google Play Store. All you have to do is look for the Higgs Domino game there and install it as usual.

5. Increase the Higgs Domino Account Level

One of the conditions for being able to send chips to fellow Higgs Domino users is that your account has reached at least level 5. For this reason, first increase the level of your Higgs Domino account to level 5 so you can use the Send Chip feature.

6. Upgrade to VIP Account

Higgs Domino accounts that are still in Regular status usually will not find this Send Chip feature. To be able to see it, you have to upgrade your Higgs Domino account to a VIP account.

The way to change your Higgs Domino account to VIP is by visiting the VIP menu and topping up according to the level you choose. There are several level top choices there, just adjust it to your needs.

7. Adjust the Higgs Domino version to your cellphone specifications

Some cellphone series may not be compatible with the latest version of the Higgs Domino game. For this, you need to adapt the version of Higgs Domino to the cellphone you use to play it.

The way to do this is by downgrading Higgs Domino to the old version which is still compatible with the cellphone you are using. To download the old version of Higgs Domino, you can use a third party site, for example via the site.

8. Complete your Higgs Domino Account with your cellphone number

And another important requirement for Higgs Domino to be able to send chips between accounts, namely completing the account with a cellphone number. Make sure you have entered an active cellphone number in the Higgs Domino account.

Adding a cellphone number to the Higgs Domino Island account can be done via the Settings menu in it.


Those are some ways to deal with Higgs Domino not being able to send chips and the causes that you should know. Don’t forget to share this article on your personal social media account so that it can be useful for other people.






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