How to Open an ISO File, Simple and Successful

Some people may still feel unfamiliar with this term. Finally, I didn’t know how to open it. So, how do you open an ISO file?

Basically, ISO is a files large sizes stored in optical storage, for example DVDs, CDs or Blue Rays. Another function of this ISO is to create identical copies, as backups.

Simple Steps How to Open ISO Files with UltraISO

There are many ways to open something files ISO. These include using the application or not. This step uses an application called UltraISO.

Actually the application is paid. So to be able to use it, you have to subscribe first. However, if this is your first time using it, there is a free trial period of 30 days.

If you use an application that can access files The method for ISO is:

  • Download and install UltraISO.
  • Once installed, do “right click” in files ISO that you want to open.
  • By doing so, a selection column will appear. Click on the “option”Open with UltraISO”.
  • If you are using the trial version, then click the option “continue free version”.
  • To extract files that, click mouse right again.
  • Continue by highlighting the UltraISO option, then select the extraction destination according to your needs.
  • Choice “extract to” is useful if you want to extract files ISO to another location as desired. Meanwhile when click on “extract to here” means that extraction will be carried out on that folder.
  • Choice “Burn to disk” useful for moving the ISO file to CD/DVD.

How to Open ISO Files with WinRar Simple

The next method that you can apply is open files ISO using WinRar. This step is effective for Windows 7, 8, to 10 users. Here are the steps.

  • If you already have WinRar on your computer, of course you just have to run it. However, if you haven’t downloaded and installed it first.
  • Next look for it files the ISO.
  • Highlight files And “right mouse click”.
  • Next the selection column appears. In that step, select ”open with RAR”.
  • The steps above are just to open it. However, if you want to make an extraction straight away, please select at the bottom the destination option for the extract. Same as extracting in UltraISO.

Choice How to Open ISO Files with Power ISO

Apart from UltraISO, software others can open it files big is Power ISO. This is also a paid app. However, you can also enjoy a trial period of 30 days.

Opening steps files ISO is as follows.

  • Download and install PowerISO. If you want free, choose the version trials just.
  • Same as the second step software Previously, you could access the folder where the ISO document was located.
  • Continue by right clicking on files it, then highlight it “PowerISO menu”.
  • After the selection box appears, click the “Open with PowerISO”.
  • If you are using the trial version, continue by selecting “Continue trial version”.
  • If the data is open, please continue extraction. The steps,”highlight the ISO file”, then right click. Next select “PowerISO”, then select the extraction destination as desired.

Some of the methods above are very easy, right? The steps are also clear and not complicated. Try choosing one software, then you can open the ISO file. Then just determine the next action.

For example, do burningnor backups files inside it. However, you have to remember, if you choose the free trial version, the validity period is only up to 30 days from first use.

After that, to use it again, you have to switch to the premium version. Of course, upgrades this requires a subscription fee. However, the advantage is that there are more complete features in the paid version.

It turns out that the steps for opening an ISO file are not difficult. Just by wearing software right. For example, the three options above.






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