How to move BBM PIN contacts to a new cellphone without having to re-invite

Easy way to copy BBM contacts automatically- Are you a user of the BBM messenger application and want to copy all the contacts on your BBM to your new Android phone or other cellphone without having to bother re-inviting one by one which is a waste of time and effort? If you really intend to do this, we will share information and a simple guide to easily move BBM contacts on your old cellphone to another device or your new Android smartphone or cellphone with another platform such as an iPhone or Windows phone.

Actually the way to do it is fairly simple and easy, the most important thing is that you have a Blackberry ID account and the username and password because all the data on your Blackberry ID has been stored in the Blackberry database. especially with BBM version 7 and above which makes it easier for users to be able to change devices so you no longer need to re-invite friends in your contacts, now I will share a simple tutorial with you in this article

I will try to explain this tutorial in a short and easy to understand way so that you can immediately put it into practice without having to bother asking other people for help or using additional applications to move it. OK, keep reading, this is the tutorial

Guide to moving BBM PIN contacts with Blackberry ID

  • The most basic thing is that you remember the password and email for your BlackBerry ID account
  • After you previously obtained and installed the BBM messenger application on your new cellphone, please try opening your BBM on your new cellphone
  • After BBM opens on your new Android phone, you will be asked for the email/username and password for the old Blackberry ID that was used on your previous cellphone, please enter it
  • After you enter your Blackberry ID password, the BBM application on your new cellphone will automatically adjust and detect all contact data on your old Blackberry ID account and the contact list will automatically be filled in again, and you don’t have to bother inviting them one by one.

How to move BBM contacts automatically via Google Sync

  • This method is also quite simple and easy because the most important thing to do this method is to use your Gmail account and make sure it is still active.
  • The very first thing you do is install the Googlesync application on your old cellphone after you previously searched for the Googlesync application via Playstore.
  • After the application is installed, activate the Google sync application on your old cellphone and please enter your Google/Gmail account on your new cellphone by entering/clicking the menu option then entering your Gmail account address.
  • After you enter your Google/Gmail account into your new cellphone, automatically all BBM PIN contacts on your old cellphone will be automatically copied to your new Android device/mobile, simply by entering the same Google account when you entered your Google account on your old cellphone. easy isn’t it.

The principle of how to use Google sync is that you use one Google account for two different cellphones/devices, so all contacts and data on the two devices will be copied automatically.

So, that’s a simple tutorial on how to move BBM contacts without having to re-invite all your contacts. The most basic and important thing for you BBM users is that you have an active Blackberry ID account and you still remember the password and what’s equally important is that you know your username and password. a Google/Gmail account on your Android device so that all data and synchronization can be very easy even if you frequently change smartphones. Hopefully the method above is useful for you BBM and Android smartphone users. Thank You






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