How to Make Web Articles Instant Views on Telegram

Maybe you often see posts link which is shared via groups or channels on Telegram which appears to show a menu Instant View? Are you curious about how to make it? Come on, look carefully at the method below!

If we want to discuss Telegram menus and features, it feels like it will never end. The more you come here, the more interesting the existing features are to discuss. Just a small example like a feature Instant View.

What is Instant View?

Instant View is one of the very interesting features in Telegram. In terms of language, it can be interpreted as instant display or fast display. Just like his name instant view This can change an article or page web more simply and quickly without even having to leave the Telegram application.

According to Telegram, it stands for simplicity, speed and security. Instant view This can also make the web articles sent lighter so that the page loading process becomes faster.

How to Turn a Web Page into an Instant View?

How to convert a web page to Instant View It’s also very easy, and of course we can do it directly in the Telegram application. Of course with help chat bots which is already provided in the Telegram application.

Well, what’s the name botsand how to apply it? Follow straight away step by stepthe following.


1. Search for an account @chotamreaderbot in the search column for your respective Telegram account. Or you can choose as shown in the image below. Next open it chatbots and tap the menu Start.

2. Select menu /settings on chatbot replies, to change the language. To make it easier to understand, you can select the menu English (English).

3. Paste link what you will make it become Instant View. Wait bots processing link you and give a reply, if so tap menu Instant View.

4. Tap 3 points in the article instant viewThen tap menu Share to share the instant view link that has been created to other users or groups in your Telegram.


Article for instant view it can be viewed and opened on various smartphone devices such as Android and iOs. But unfortunately, for PC computer devices, instant view will not be visible. That’s how to change or create a web page instant view in the Telegram application. Hope it is useful!!!






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