How to Make Indihome Wifi Automatically Turn Off According to the Schedule You Want

The following is how to make the Indihome Wifi internet signal automatically turn off or off according to the schedule you want. You can make more than one Wifi schedule to turn off and automatically turn back on via access from the modem or internet that you get from Indihome.

This method of limiting wifi usage time is very useful, especially if you want to regulate internet usage for children or family members at home who use the internet excessively and don’t know the time. So you can set the Indihome WiFi on and off schedule at home.

Even though Indihome has now changed to Indihome by Telkomsel, all services and technicalities remain unchanged, so this method can still be used. I also use this method to limit Wifi use at home in the middle of the night or early morning so that I don’t often stay up late, including myself who sometimes likes to lose track of time.

This method also only has the effect of turning off the WiFi signal, internet access via cable to the modem will still be on. So you can turn off Wifi without unplugging the modem/router cable and you can still work and connect to the internet with a PC or laptop with an RJ45 cable connection.

When registering for internet from Indihome they usually provide 2 types of modem, Huawei HG8245H and ZTE F609. If you are using a ZTE modem, please just skip the Huawei tutorial section below and continue reading to the bottom again.

How to Make Indihome Wifi Automatically Turn Off According to the Schedule You Want on Huawei Modem

  1. This method can be done via cellphone/smartphone or with a PC or laptop connected to your Indihome router/modem. Make sure the cellphone or computer device you will use to access the modem is on the same internet network.
  2. Open one of the browser applications such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.
  3. Enter this address in the address bar: then click “Enter”. If successful the modem settings page will appear.
  4. Please log in with the user name and password of the modem you are using. If you don’t know, please try: username: “Admin” and password: “admin” or username: “telecomadmin” and password: “admintelecom”. If you can’t, please look at the back of the modem, usually the modem’s default username and password are written. If it’s not there, please look for it in the modem packaging box or directly contact the technician who previously installed the modem. If it still doesn’t work, please try the method in this article: Solutions for WAN Display on Different Indihome Modems
  5. If you have logged in, please open the “WLAN” menu
  6. Then select the sub-menu “Automatic WiFi Shutdown”
  7. Make sure you activate the check box that says “Enable automatic WiFi shutdown”
  8. If the settings page is open, please fill in the columns with a schedule for whenever you want WiFi to be turned off automatically. If you are still confused about how to fill it in, please read the complete explanation of how to fill it out at the bottom of this article.
  9. Because there are four columns, you can add this automatic offline schedule to a maximum of 4 different schedules on the same day.
  10. If you have finished setting the schedule, please click the “Apply” button. Finished

The main sign that this setting is successful is that all SSIDs or Wifi will not be found by all devices, including the cellphone you use to turn off Wifi. Even if you scan for nearby Wifi signals, they won’t show up.

Explanation of how to fill in an automatic offline schedule on a Huawei modem

The “Start” column is filled with the time when Wifi must be turned off automatically, the first box is for the hour, the second box is for the minutes. For example, 01:00, means your Wifi will be offline or turn off starting at 1 am. Because there is no AM/PM option, you have to use the 24 hour format. So if you want to enter the time at five in the afternoon then you have to enter the number 17:00

The “End” column is filled with the time when this offline/dead status will end, for example 04:00, meaning starting at four in the morning your Wifi will come back on or come back online automatically and can be accessed again by devices or devices that were previously connected. to the WiFi.

In the next column there is a column with day markings such as MON (Monday/Monday), TUES (Tuesday/Tuesday), complete up to 7 days (one week). Please select which days you want to apply these settings. If you want it to be done every day, please activate/check all the days in the column that aligns with the time.

For example, you want Wifi to turn off every night except Saturday and Sunday. All you have to do is check or select all days except Saturday (Sat / Saturday) and Sunday (Sun / Sunday). Don’t forget to click the “Apply” button after you have finished setting this schedule.

How to Set Automatic Wifi On/Off on ZTE Modem

Specifically for this method, I got it from various sources that specifically discuss the ZTE F609 modem. If you experience problems, don’t hesitate to contact me or ask via the comments column. I highly recommend that you also look at tutorials on other websites or on YouTube for comparison so that you get the easiest and fastest method.

  • Make sure your cellphone or computer is on the same Internet network as the modem you want to set up
  • Open a browser application such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Enter the following address: then click the “Enter” button. If there are no problems the ZTE modem login page will appear
  • Please log in with your modem username and password. If you don’t know, please try entering the default login data, username: “user” password: “user”. Or username: “admin” password: “Telkomdso123”
  • On the modem settings page, please click the “Network” menu
  • Make sure the “WLAN/Basic” sub-menu is open. On this page, please change the Wireless RF Mode setting to “Scheduled”.
  • Next, please open the “WiFi Restrictions” sub-menu or settings. On this page, please enter the time the Wifi turns off in the “Off time” column and the time the Wifi turns back on in the “On time” column. Please use 24 hour format. Example: 14:30, 16:50, 09:00, 10:30. Enter hour data in the 2 left columns and enter minute data in the 2 right columns.
  • If you have made the settings, please click the “Submit” button. Finished

Unlike the Huawei modem, ZTE can only make 1 on/off schedule. I suggest you do a trial first, for example the off time is 1 minute or several minutes. Next, if successful, enter the time data you want.

Want to activate Wifi prematurely?

Suppose you set Wifi OFF at two in the morning and ON at four in the morning. However, if you have an important need to activate Wifi at three o’clock in the morning, how do you make the Wifi signal active again before it turns on according to schedule (four o’clock)?

If you want to cancel the settings and the Wifi condition is off (because it has entered the shutdown schedule) you must access the modem via an RJ45 cable connection to a PC or laptop. From the PC or laptop, you can change the settings and turn on the Wifi again.

Therefore, make sure you don’t write the wrong time or prepare a laptop and internet cable to access the modem settings where the WiFi signal is dead (because it is on the off schedule).

Error when pressing the “Apply” button in the router/modem settings

The error that I often experience when pressing the Apply button is not selecting the day marked with an error notification like this.

By default, all days of a period are selected, and at least one day must be selected. If the start and end time of the period is not specified, the period settings will not take effect.

If you get an error like the one above, you must select at least one day in each column. Even if you only use 1 or 2 settings columns, you still have to select days in all columns.

Just choose it randomly because it will not affect other settings, the important thing is that in columns that are not used, you must leave the time settings blank.

Do we set the Wifi internet speed from the modem?

If the internet speed at my house is 30 Mbps but I want to reduce the speed to 10 Mbps for each device connected to Wifi, can I set it as above?

No. You need to buy an additional router that has an internet or Wifi speed limiting feature. The modem or router that we get from Indihome generally can only share the network, it cannot regulate the speed of each connection, whether connected via Wifi or connected via internet cable (RJ45).

If you want to control the internet speed at home, you need to buy a router such as MikroTIK or a similar router. The additional router is connected to the Indihome router and we make speed settings from the new router settings which can adjust the speed.

What appears is the Google search display, not the modem/router settings

After entering the address and pressing the “Enter” button the modem settings page should appear, but in some cases and I have experienced this too, what appears is a Google search display for these numbers.

The solution, please retype the address in the address bar completely from beginning to end, do not use the “Auto completion” feature. If we use the auto completion feature, even though the address is correct it will still open on the Google search page.

There is an exclamation mark on the Wifi icon on your cellphone, is that a sign that it is turned off on a schedule?

No. A sign that Wifi is automatically turned off from the modem is that Wifi is completely lost and cannot be found even if you rescan the Wifi signal to find the nearest signal on your cellphone. If there is an exclamation mark on the Wifi symbol on your cellphone, it is very likely that the problem originates from the center, not because of the settings on the modem/router.

Can turning off Wifi save electricity usage?

No. Because even though the Wi-Fi signal is dead, the router is still actively receiving and sending internet signals to devices connected via cable, such as a PC or smart TV. And even if you don’t use a cable internet connection, the modem will still turn on because it is still connected to the power socket.

Hopefully this tutorial and information on how to make Indihome Wifi automatically turn off is useful. If you have questions, please ask in the comments column below as usual. Remain a wise user! Good luck!.

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