How to make colored writing on WA without an application

How to make colored text on WhatsApp– This time we will learn How to make colored writing on WA without an application Yes, my friends, perhaps many of you don’t know the secret of this WhatsApp application. Because there are many hidden features embedded in it and are rarely published by the developers themselves. How to make colored writing on WhatsApp is easy if you know how.

Whatsapp is a very popular application at the moment and has been around for a long time and is the most used chat application in all parts of the world. Its fame continues to exist, unlike BBM which has experienced a significant decline, and for Indonesians it seems that it is rarely used. Along with the BlackBerry phone manufacturer who went bankrupt.

The WhatsApp application is usually already installed on the phone when we buy it. Because it is an important application and is often used because it is easy to use and is not disturbed by lots of advertisements in it, which makes users comfortable when using it.

Apart from making a post on how to make colored writing on WA, I have actually made a tutorial How to make WA stickers without an application , how to make unique writing on whatsapp And also how to write upside down on WhatsApp You can see the tutorial and click on this post: the newest WhatsApp feature that not many people know about

OK, friend, back to the original discussion about how to make colored writing on WhatsApp. Well, this is what you’ve been waiting for the most, right? Apart from making colored writing without an application, in this post I also share how to make colored writing with an application so that it’s complete, you can 2 in 1 cool term hahaha. Anyway, it’s not a loss for all of you to visit my post. hehehe [bercanda guys] so that you can read it casually…not seriously, and so that it gets old quickly.

How to make colored writing on WhatsApp without an application

1. Take your cellphone and open the WhatsApp application, oh yes, in this tutorial you don’t need to use color code, guys, but use the flag symbol.

2. Once it’s open, please look for a list of your friends who you want to send this colored message to.

3. Next, click on the column provided and the WhatsApp application keyboard will appear.

4. So here’s the trick, click on the icon and find the flag icon. Let me explain first, friend.

To create this color writing, we need a flag icon, guys, and the flag that appears will show us the letters of the name of the country. For example, if we choose the Indonesian flag, what will be displayed is the letter “I”. Then, if you choose the Singapore flag, the letter “S” will be displayed and also when you use the Malaysian flag, the letter “M” will appear. I hope you understand.

5. Once you understand, just execute it, guys. For example, we will write the color “SI”>>>>SINGAPORE FLAG then DEL SPACE INDONESIAN FLAG then DEL

this article exists the space Yes, friends, don’t forget. However, this trick is for the old version of WhatsApp, guys. If you download the latest version, this trick won’t work. The solution is to use a supporting application.

That’s how to make colored writing on WhatsApp without an application, then continue with the help of third-party applications. check it out

How to make colored writing on WhatsApp using the application

1. What you need to prepare is to download the application TEXTART on playstore for free.

2. After you download it, please open it, and a window will appear like the following image for you enter a word which are desired

3. Before sending, please edit the text first , the color , the background . adjust to your taste.

4. You can also change the font, bold, italic and many others,edit menu It’s at the bottom, just explore according to your taste.

5. If you have edited it, please click on it send whatsapp menu above, wait for the process, the results will be like this… sorry it’s dark because my WhatsApp is deep dark modeSo, for those of you who want to display your application in dark mode, please see my post “how to easily activate dark mode on Android or iPhone.”

6. After sending, the results will be like this, colorful and unique writing on the WhatsApp application. By using the application, you are successful.

Apart from the application text art as I wrote above, there are also other applications that can be used, but this application is quite old, namely bluewords Unfortunately, this application only displays blue, as the name suggests.

The final word

After the discussion about how to make colored writing on WhatsApp, both with and without an application. For the application, I recommend just using the TEXTART APPLICATION to modify according to your taste. OK, my friend, , thank you for your visit. Please write a comment below if something is not clear. that’s all, see you again.






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