How to Make a Free WA Bot Without an Application for Business

Bots WA is popular with business people because it can improve their business customer experience. So it’s not surprising that many are curious about how to make it bots WA for business. Apart from being used to respond to customers, bots WA is also often used as a marketing tool.

The automated response service is superior in bots WhatsApp is believed to be able to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the business it runs. Besides that, bots WA also offers other benefits.

If you don’t know how to make a WA bot for business, see the complete information below.

About Bots WA

Bots WhatsApp or bots WhatsApp is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that runs automatically to respond to WhatsApp messages received. But, bots WhatsApp can be set in such a way that the reply messages delivered are more natural, just like ordinary human chat.

People use how to make bots WhatsApp is generally in the business realm. But to make bots WhatsApp users must register on the WA API first. When you have bots WhatsApp, users can also build shops on line by entering relevant product information.

Benefits of Using Bots WA

Presence bots WhatsApp has been used by many business users for various purposes. Because, service bots WhatsApp has many benefits that users can get for free. Among them are:

  • Responds to messages for 24 hours, even when the user is asleep.
  • Increase consumer trust and loyalty.
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency because messages can be answered automatically in a short time.
  • Save budget allocation for customer service.
  • Drive improvement lead generation.
  • Make it easier to interact with consumers.

How to make a free WA bot on Android / laptop

Below are several ways you can do to create the free WA bot that you hope for. please read in full.

1. How to Make Bots Free WA without application for business

After understanding whatsapp bots and their benefits, now is the time to create one bots whatsapp for business. Follow the steps as follows:

a. Register to Create a WA Business API

Before continuing the process further, of course the user must have the WA Business API to activate it bots on WA business. To get it, users only need to register via an official Business Solution Provider (BSP) in Indonesia such as Qiscus.

b. Validate your FB Manager Business Account

Next, validate with Facebook Manager Business. But beforehand, prepare your business identity first, such as company name, email, website URL, as well as NPWP, SIUP, and business NIB. If the account has been successfully verified, then enter the telephone number to be registered to the WA account.

c. Complete Profile

Fill in the data in your profile completely so that your business account can be trusted by other people. So, all data on the account must be filled in completely and clearly. For example, such as operating hours, address, website URL, catalog, and other related information.

d. Plan a Conversation

Next, what you must do is plan what conversations you will have bots. For example, a conversation for greetings when someone sends a message. Or conversations to answer questions that people often ask, along with other conversations.

e. Upload Conversation Schema

When the conversation plan has been created, the scheme can be uploaded to the BSP selected by the user. However, at the stage of how to make it bots This WA users can also consult first if they experience problems. This service is certainly very useful, especially for beginners.

f. Do a Test Run

The final way is to do a test to determine whether bots WA is in line with expectations or not. Users can test by sending a message to bots The WA uses another number. If everything is appropriate, then bots WA is ready to use.

That’s the information regarding bots WA, the benefits offered, and how to make it bots WA for business. But keep in mind, that bots WA can only be obtained if you use an official WA API account from BSP. Therefore, bots WA can work optimally.

2. How to make a WA sticker bot

Next, for those of you who want to know how to create a WhatsApp sticker bot to support your business’s ability to serve customers, please read the explanation below.

To make this wa sticker bot, we need the help of a wa number which is used to make wa sticker bots. The numbers usually used to create WhatsApp sticker bots are as follows:

  • 083149169762
  • +62 851-5536-9697
  • +6288287112431
  • 088224639216

By using the numbers I have shared above, you can create a WhatsApp sticker bot very easily. What you need to do is as follows:

  • Log in to your WhatsApp application
  • Add one of the WhatsApp sticker bot numbers that I have shared above
  • Next, please send a message to the WhatsApp bot number of the sticker by entering a certain image that you have prepared
  • Add the word sticker, and send it
  • Wait a few moments then you will be able to get the sticker you want.

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What you need to remember is that this number is not an official WA number. and is a third party bot, which you will not necessarily create. but there’s no harm in trying.

3. By using the Termux application

Next, create a free WhatsApp bot for business on Android using the Termux application. The steps you take are as follows:

First step: Please install and open the Termux application on your cellphone

Second step: INSTALL the Ubuntu OS using the following command:

pkg update -y && pkg install curl proot tar -y && curl | bash

Third step: Continue the Ubuntu command using the following code:

  • ./
  • sudo apt install -y
  • sudo apt upgrade -y
  • sudo apt update -y
  • sudo apt install git -y
  • sudo apt install nodejs -y
  • sudo apt install npm -y
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:saiarcot895/chromium-beta
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

Fourth step: lone script WhatsApp bot, using the following code:

git clone

Fifth step: Please go to the directory and install WhatsApp Boty using the following command:

cd termux-whatsapp-bot && npm install

Fifth step: Continue by running index.js using the following command.

node index.js

Sixth step: Scan the displayed barcode. finished


That’s the explanation, friends, of how to make a free WA bot without an application for business that you can try.

Hopefully it can be useful to support your business. That is all and thank you .


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