How to Lock Gallery on Android and iPhone Smartphones, COMPLETE!

The gallery can actually be said to be a private space that contains a large collection of videos and photos in the application. Remembering that this is where videos, photos and several other media are stored. That’s why sometimes some people are interested in knowing how to lock the gallery.

Locking your gallery is very important for those of you who want to maintain your privacy, especially if it contains several private photo and video collections. So your privacy can be safer by locking the gallery on your cellphone.

How to Lock Gallery

How to Lock Gallery on iPhone

If you want more privacy, then there are several guides on how to easily lock the gallery depending on the device you use. Here is his review:

1. Lock Gallery on Samsung Phone

Are you a Samsung cellphone owner and interested in locking the gallery on Samsung? Yes, now you can use this method. Samsung offers a feature to lock applications including the gallery.

You don’t need to install third-party applications if you want to lock the gallery on Samsung. Here are the steps:

  • Please enter the settings menuthen click Advanced Features and press AppLock.
  • Next activate the feature AppLock just press on. Please set the lock depending on your wishes. You can also use passwordPIN, fingerprints or pattern.
  • After that, select the specific application that you want to lock.
  • Keep scrolling the screen until it appears Gallerythen activate the lock in Gallery.

2. Lock Gallery on Xiaomi Phone

How do you lock the gallery on a Xiaomi cellphone? Actually, it’s not much different. Because Xiaomi also has a locking feature that is similar to Samsung. Please follow the steps below:

  • Open settings menu.
  • Swipe the screen and click Lock Apps.
  • Next, you can set the locking pattern as desired.
  • Find it Gallery and tap to activate gallery lock.

3. Lock Gallery on Oppo cellphone

Apart from Xiaomi and Samsung, you can also lock the gallery on your Oppo cellphone easily. The steps are as follows:

  • Open Settings.
  • Please scroll the screen then tap Lockscreen and password and press encryption.
  • Please set the PIN or pattern that you want to use if you want to lock the gallery.
  • You can select the gallery to embed the key. Swipe or scroll the screen down then tap galleries if you want to activate locking in the gallery.

4. Lock Gallery on iPhone

iPhone offers a high security system which is of course better than other cellphones. There are several features that you can use to lock the gallery on your iPhone. One of them is the restrictions feature.

Here’s how to lock the gallery on iPhone using the Restrictions feature:

  • Entered into settings menu or arrangement on iPhone.
  • Find it general menu then click.
  • Take your pick Restrictions.
  • You can activate the feature to lock the application. Just activate it Enable Restrictions or Restrictions.
  • After that, create a passcode can be adjusted to your wishes.
  • When finished, you can select gallery if you want to lock the gallery application on your iPhone.

Also read other ways to lock applications on iPhone that you can practice to protect the applications you want!

How to Lock Gallery with Additional Applications

The second way you can lock the gallery is by using an additional application that you can download from the Google Play Store. There are many applications that provide security features to lock applications on your Android cellphone.

1. Lock Gallery Using App Lock

App Lock is an application specifically designed to add locks. The lock can be in the form of a pattern, PIN, password, or fingerprint on other applications installed on the Android cellphone. No exception for locking the gallery.

To activate App Lock, you can follow these steps:

  • Download and install the application first AppLock from Google Play Store.
  • Once installed, now open the application AppLock And make an initial pattern for the App Lock application.
  • Now enter security email to restore the pattern you have created in case you forget the pattern you created.
  • On the main menu App Lock applicationswipe down then find the Gallery app.
  • Tap the lock logo to the right of the Gallery app name.
  • Grant access to the App Lock application if requested.
  • Done, the Gallery application on your Android cellphone has been locked using App Lock.

2. Lock the Gallery with the Lockit Application

Apart from AppLock, you can also use the Lockit application to lock the gallery. For the steps, you can see the following guide:

  • Downloads LockIt on the Play Store, don’t worry, this application is very light, only 10 MB in size.
  • Please open the application then press Allow after the notification appears.
  • Create a lock pattern to protect gallery privacy.
  • Then ask questions. The goal is that when you forget, you can answer the question. So make sure only you know the answer. If so, press done.
  • After that, the application will immediately recommend several APK programs that must be locked. You just have to agree by checking the box beside. then press protect anyway.
  • Press AppLock.
  • Please scroll down the screen and find the gallery.
  • Tap padlock icon right on the right.
  • After the notification appears press permission.
  • If this is your first time using this application, it will require a lot of permissions. Next, you just need to follow the instructions.

3. Lock the Gallery with the 360 ​​Security Application

You can also rely on the 360 ​​Security application if you want to lock the gallery. This application is very easy to use and does not require many steps.

Not only can you lock applications, but 360 Security is also useful for cleaning up trash. Following are the steps to lock the gallery with 360 Security:

  • Download 360 Security on Play Store.
  • Install And run the application, then press menu on the top left side.
  • Choose AppLock.
  • Next, select the gallery by checking the box next to it. Press key.
  • Please create it PIN or Security patternreconfirm.
  • After that, press confirmation after the notification appears.
  • Enable permissions to access the application by means change it on to Permit Usage Access.

How to Optimize Gallery?

In practice, saving too many videos and photos in the gallery can also take up storage space. To anticipate this, you need to take several other steps to delete or move photos, videos and other media.

There are several ways you can optimize the Gallery on your cellphone:

1. Delete Unimportant Videos or Photos

Please check the contents of the Gallery periodically to see which photos or videos are no longer important so you can delete them without feeling regretful.

Later, photos that you no longer use will go into the trash folder and after 30 days have passed, the photos or videos that you delete will be permanently deleted.

2. Free Up Storage Space

For those of you who often use Google Photos to back up your photos or videos, you can free up storage space on your cellphone. Because you can move media files to Google Photos safely, so that one day if you need the photos again, just open the Google Photos application.

3. Move Photos and Videos to SD Card

If your cellphone has an SD card slot that has quite a large memory, there’s no harm in moving photos or videos to the SD card. That way, the cellphone’s internal memory still has room to add photos or videos at certain moments.

As for how to move photos and videos from internal memory to an SD card, it won’t take long and you only have to wait a few moments.

OK, how is the explanation about how to lock the gallery on your cellphone clear? Please choose the method you want and according to the type of device you have.

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