How to Install Batocera on an External HDD

Levelupid.NET – Batocera is a Linux-based operating system developed to be able to run retro games easily.

because it can be installed on many devices such as Flashdisk, HDD / SSD, Single Board Computer and several other devices. This time we will share how to install Batocera on an external HDD so it can be played portable.

Step 1. Download the material

  1. Batocera ISO file
  2. Balena Etcher
  3. BIOS
  4. PS 3 Firmware
  5. Batocera Theme
  6. ROMS Games

Step 2. Flashing Batocera

Extract the Batocera Iso file with Winrar or Winzip

After that, install and run Balena Etcher then select Flash From File

Select the extracted Physo ISO Batocera and select Open

Next, install an external HDD and select Select Target then make sure the check mark is on External HDD

Select Flash then select Yes and wait for the flashing to complete

Step 3. Boot into Batocera

Before booting, please copy the BIOS file, PS3 firmware, Batocera theme and ROMS game that will be played to a flash disk or other external HDD.

After that, restart the laptop/PC and enter BIOS

After entering the BIOS, set Boot Priority to the HDD that has Batocera installed and turn off Secure Boot

Save BIOS Settings and Boot into Batocera

Step 4. Setup Batocera

After logging into Batocera press F1 to enter File Manager

Next, copy the BIOS, PS3 Firmware and Batocera Theme files to the Share Folder.

After that select Application and Run RPCS3 Config

Select File and select Install Firmware then navigate to File PS3UPDAT.PUP

Once finished, press Ctrl + Q to exit RPCS3 Config

Then copy the game ROM file to the folder roms and adjust it to the game you want to play

Once finished, press Ctrl + Q to exit File Manager

Next, press Space on the keyboard, select Game Settings and select Update Game List

Then press space again and select User Interface Settings then select Theme Sets

Then select the theme that has been added

Once finished, just play the games that have been added to Batocera

Happy Gaming!






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