How to install a mini satellite dish easily and quickly

With the emergence of regulations regarding digital television broadcasts, the use of mini satellite dishes continues to increase. The size is smaller than the usual size, so users can install it themselves without any hassle.

In order to still be able to watch digital television broadcasts on a variety of favorite channels, using a satellite dish could be one solution. This is supporting equipment in the form of an antenna which has a special task for high signal coverage.

Not only for reaching digital broadcasts, there are lots of features offered by installing a satellite dish. With its mini size, you can install it yourself by following the tutorial in this discussion.

How to Install a Mini Satellite Practically

Using a satellite dish is a choice for some people whose homes cannot reach maximum television, radio and similar signals. You can install it practically by following the complete guide below.

1. Preparing Tools

The first step is to prepare a number of equipment including ring keys sizes 10, 17 and 19 and a screwdriver.

2. Determine the direction of the support

After the equipment is prepared, place the pole in the right direction because it has a big influence on signal strength. Don’t install a mini satellite dish in a position that is too high or low, it is better to install it in an open area.

3. Installing the Dish

Assemble the dish package and determine the ideal installation location. The dish is a component that works as a reflector antenna in the shape of a circular pan which has the function of sending and receiving information via radio waves from communications satellites.

4. Set LND and Connector

Open the Decoder package then connect it to the television screen using the HDMI or RCA connector.

5. Manage Satellites and Signals

The final process is to set the satellite by seeing whether the LNB signal is good or not. For LNC C Band satellite dishes it is set at the standard 5150 frequency and Ku Band at the 9750/10600 frequency.

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Tips for choosing a quality mini satellite dish according to your needs

Enjoying television broadcast services using the best mini satellite dish without monthly fees or free will be very enjoyable. You can choose a mini satellite dish on the market by following a number of tips as below.

1. Choose according to your needs

Choosing a mini satellite dish compared to a large one of course has many considerations. If you don’t need a signal with a large and wide range, then using a mini satellite dish is highly recommended to save more on your budget.

2. Check recommended brands

There are many brands of mini satellite dishes to choose from, one of which is the Tanaka mini satellite dish which is widely used with its various advantages. Apart from that, you can check other brands by comparing their advantages and disadvantages.

3. Buy from a trusted shop

To get a quality product with a guarantee, buy a mini satellite dish from a trusted shop with a good reputation. Usually, this can be checked at offline or online stores by looking at reviews from previous customers.

4. Competitive Prices

You also need to consider the price of a mini satellite dish because it really depends on the budget that has been prepared. Choose a brand with competitive prices, but the quality can meet your needs.

Advantages of Using a Mini Satellite Satellite

Using a small or mini satellite dish is an option for some people. This is because this type has a number of advantages as follows.

1. Practical

The compactness of a mini satellite dish can be seen from its small size so that installation does not require a large space. Available diameters include 45 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm so they are portable and compact compared to 6 foot satellite dishes.

2. Easy Installation

The process of installing this mini parabola antenna is very easy and can be done yourself or using the help of a satellite dish installation service. This signal capture equipment can be installed either in low or high places.

3. Free Channels

The channels provided by the mini satellite dish can be accessed free of charge by all customers. You can watch various favorite channels at any time and you can upgrade the premium package to get exclusive services.

4. Cheaper Prices

Apart from adapting to needs, users also choose mini parabolic antennas because the price is much cheaper than the large type.

Disadvantages of Using Mini Satellites

You can consider not only the advantages, but some of the disadvantages below can be used as reference material. There are two disadvantages of small type parabolic antennas as follows.

1. Susceptible to weather disturbances

Mini type satellite dishes are very vulnerable to extreme weather changes so that they can cause error signals or even not be detected at all. This usually happens when heavy rain or cloudy weather hits your location.

2. Must use a set top box for certain channels

On the Ku Band line, the channels provided are usually not free, so in order to enjoy the broadcast, you have to add STB or Set Top Box equipment. Thus, it is necessary to incur additional costs which are definitely not small.

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Criteria for Proper Use of Mini Satellites

Apart from paying attention to tips for choosing a quality satellite dish according to your needs, you also need to know the criteria for this antenna. That way, you won’t use products that are not good so that they become damaged quickly.

Receiver Condition

When choosing the best mini satellite dish product, make sure you also choose a good receiver. If it’s an LCD, then use MP4 HD for the HDMI signal, meanwhile on a tube TV use Mp2 for a clear picture.

LNB according to your needs

The choice of LNB as a supporting component for the mini satellite dish must be in accordance with the type of television screen. If you still use a tube TV, using 2 LNBs is enough, while an LCD TV can use 4 LNBs.

Use according to the number of televisions

Install a mini satellite dish with a small size and must be adjusted to the number of televisions in your house. If you only have 1 television, then use a 2R LNB, but if you want to add more, you can still do it provided you have to share the LNB.

Strong Cable and Pole Quality

The next supporting component that must be considered is the quality of the cables and poles. The cable must be in good condition to avoid short circuits and the pole must be really strong so that it can support the satellite dish in various outdoor situations.

Common Mistakes in Using Mini Satellites

When installing a mini satellite dish, it is not uncommon for users to make a number of mistakes. In general, these errors include:

  • Not understanding what HDMI is for LED/LCD type TV users so broadcasts cannot appear
  • Not knowing how to install a mini satellite dish by placing the device in an inappropriate location or moving it yourself without consideration and causing the signal to be lost
  • Carelessly pressing the remote out of curiosity results in errors and disruptions both small scale and fatal

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