How to Increase the Maximum Size Capacity for Uploading WordPress Files

Having a WordPress website, of course there are many things that we have to learn independently. For example, regarding the WordPress file upload capacity which is sometimes ignored by beginners. So, how do you increase the maximum size capacity for WordPress file uploads?

This is very important because it relates to the files that you will upload to the WordPress directory. If the maximum file upload capacity is too small, of course you will have difficulty uploading files to the WordPress directory.

For example, when you want to upload a plugin file that is 7MB in size. However, because the maximum upload capacity is limited to a maximum of 6MB, you will not be able to use this plugin.

Likewise when you want to upload promotional videos to your website. Videos will generally be quite large in size and often encounter problems with the maximum file upload capacity. So, let’s just review how to increase the maximum size capacity of WordPress file uploads.

How to Increase the Maximum Size Capacity for Uploading WordPress Files

Have you ever uploaded a file and then got the warning “exceeds the maximum upload size for this site”? If yes, it means the file you uploaded has exceeded the maximum limit for uploading files to the WordPress directory. Can you cut the file size?

Yes, if you have to reduce the file size, of course the quality will decrease. For example, a video file that already has good quality with high resolution, but also has a fairly large size. Lowering the resolution to get a smaller size is not a wise solution.

This problem also often occurs when you want to reinstall WordPress and upload all the files that previously existed. So, how do you solve this problem?

You can very easily solve this problem, just by logging into the cpanel dashboard. This is the easiest way you can do, of course without the risk of entering the wrong code or anything like that.

After you have successfully entered the cpanel dashboard, you can search for ‘Select PHP Version’. Apart from choosing the PHP version, you also set the WordPress file upload limit in this section. Please click ‘Options’ and at the bottom you will find ‘upload_max_filesize’.

So, in that section you can easily choose whether to limit the maximum file upload to 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, or even 512MB. Next, you will be free to upload files according to the maximum size you want.


For beginners who are new to using WordPress, you should always try to use tutorials that have minimal risk when encountering problems. For example, how to increase the maximum size capacity of WordPress file uploads.

Likewise, when you are trying to secure WordPress from attacks by irresponsible hackers. As much as possible, you should use the easiest method, of course a method that can minimize damage to the WordPress website.

Actually, there are many ways you can do it. This can be done by editing the .htaccess file, modifying files in the website directory, and various other methods which are sometimes not easy for a beginner to do.

However, the method above is certainly very safe to do. There will be no risk of errors in typing the code or errors in placing lines of code. You can do it very easily without having to be afraid of making mistakes.






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