How to Hijack People’s WA With Chrome and Without Applications 2022

.com – This time I will share how to hijack people’s WA with Chrome where you don’t need a third party application. However, to make it more complete, later I will also include how to hack WA using the application.

The WhatsApp application is currently the most popular chat application and is widely used by smartphone users in the world, not only in Indonesia, especially Android users, of course they already have this application when they first buy a new cellphone.

Because of its level of popularity, many developers have created wa applications that are more complete in features or could be called wa mod applications, which is actually illegal, because it is not from the official website itself.

Apart from creating WA mod applications that are more complete in features, many world application developers also create Android WA tapping applications which are widely used to tap the WA of our partners, friends or other people.

To hijack someone’s WA, the main requirement is to install a hidden application on the victim’s partner/target’s cell phone. However, not everyone has to use the application, so see the explanation below.

This method of hijacking people’s WA has proven successful

How to hijack WA can be done with an application or without an application, for a clearer and more complete discussion, please read and follow the various ways to hijack WA below.

1. How to hack WA with barcodes with Chrome without an application

The first method is how to hijack people’s WA with Chrome without using the application. and only use the desktop version of WhatsApp or better known as WhatsApp web. How to tap WA using WhatsApp web is as follows:

  • On your laptop, please enter the Chrome browser, then visit the official WhatsApp website address. wait until the page opens completely
  • If so, please do borrow your partner’s cell phone You are the one who is going to hack, do it carefully so that your partner doesn’t suspect that you will hack his WhatsApp application
  • Open your partner’s cellphone, please open the WhatsApp application
  • Then in the main menu of the WhatsApp application, please click the three dots in the top right corner
  • Please select whatsapp website In the menu displayed, wait until it opens
  • Later the camera will open for use barcode scan verification process please point your phone at barcode logo which appears on your laptop which is already open
  • Please wait a few moments for the process barcode scan successful If you do this, if it is successful, you will automatically be taken to the chat page on the WhatsApp web laptop and that means you have succeeded.
  • Now you can see chats, contacts, call history, history of what your partner has done
  • Please check the wa because you can see freely what your partner is doing, What you need to pay attention to is don’t reply occasionally, delete your partner’s chat so that your partner doesn’t become suspicious if someone else has hijacked their WhatsApp, namely you.

You can see this WA chat on the WhatsApp web as long as your partner’s cellphone can be connected to the internet. You can also tap/hijack WhatsApp without verifying the barcode if you are afraid of your partner finding out, and I have written about this in another article.

2. How to hijack WhatsApp using the WhatsApp social spy application

You already know how to hijack WA without an application. The next step is to use an application and the Android WA tapping application is the WhatsApp social spy application.

It’s also free, don’t get your hopes up too high by using this application and in my opinion this is just a hoax or scam, but there’s no harm in trying, who knows, you might be able to pass the survey displayed so you can enter and use the application. The steps for hijacking someone or a partner’s WA by using the WhatsApp social spy application are as follows:

  • Please visit the WhatsApp social spy address
  • Next you will be taken to the main application page
  • Please enter No. wa that you will tap and click submit
  • Later you will be taken to the page for method verification where you will be asked to install several applications that are displayed and also take part in the surveys that are displayed.
  • Next, tap install
  • However, after following step by step in this application, in fact I will return to the main page and enter the WA number that will be hacked repeatedly.
  • Finally, I concluded that this application is a scam/deceptive WA tapping application. However, if you want to try it as proof, please just follow the guide

To hijack WA, I don’t recommend using this application. but why I gave it in this tutorial. because I want to inform you that this WhatsApp social spy application cannot be used, aka it is a scam/hoax. I would suggest using the first method which is clear and proven to be one hundred percent successful. guaranteed.

3. How to tap people’s WA using the MAC SPOOFING technique, without an application

How to hijack someone’s WA by using Mac spoofing techniques . which is free, if you can use it correctly then there is a big chance that you will be able to see and read your partner’s WA chat.

However, unfortunately many people know about this application, but because they don’t know how to use it, in the end it doesn’t work because there are many steps they don’t know.

But don’t worry, here I will explain it to you step by step so that you can successfully hijack someone or your partner’s WA.

Every cellphone that accesses the internet actually has a unique IDE which will be different from the others which consist of a combination of numbers and letters which are set by the factory. and this is called MAC (MEDIA ACCESS CONTROL).

This technique is to create a fake WA application using the IP address used by your partner’s cellphone. So, for those of you who don’t know how to get the IP address on the target cellphone, it is as follows:

  • iPhones – Go to Settings – General – About and search Wi-Fi
  • Android – Go to Settings – About Device – Status and search Wi-Fi MAC

Of course, you have to borrow your partner’s cellphone which you want to hijack. For example, the IP ADDRESS address is as follows: 07: B3: 72: F4: 39: AC

After you get the IP number, please follow the following guide to how to hijack people’s wa via the internet with Mac spoofing techniques:

  • Uninstall WhatsApp on your mobile device.
  • Change your MAC address to the one of the person you want to spy on. (Apps will simplify this process such as WifiSpoof for iPhone or BusyBox for Android).
  • Reinstall WhatsApp on your phone, carefully entering the victim’s phone number.
  • Request an activation code to be sent via SMS, but be careful as this will also be sent to the victim’s cell phone. Note down the code and delete the message, otherwise you will definitely get caught.
  • Reset the original MAC Address on your phone.

It is indeed difficult to use this technique, but if you want a free method, you can use this method to hijack someone or your partner’s WA.

4. How to hijack your girlfriend’s WA with GetContact

There are also those who want to know how to hijack WA with get contact. Actually, the get contact / getname application cannot be used to hijack WA.

However, it only provides information about what tag names your friends have written on WhatsApp. then by using this get contact application you will find out. Of course, provided that your telephone contact also has a similar application installed.

The get contact application can also be used to protect incoming spam calls. Sometimes you will get calls from numbers you don’t know and of course it will bother you.

For this reason, using the getcontact application can be the best solution to protect your cellphone.

How to hijack a WA that has been deleted

Maybe the title of hijacking WA which was deleted doesn’t seem suitable, but in fact many users use that word in Google searches. Actually, the intention of the user is to want to know what WA chat was deleted by the sender, that’s roughly the right question.

So, for those of you who want to find out what WA chats have been deleted by your partner or friend, there is a way you can do it. namely as follows:

  • Please download the Whatsremoved application first in Playstore on your partner’s cellphone
  • If it has been downloaded, please open the application
  • Agree to the terms displayed by the application by pressing tap accept
  • Provides access to all applications, especially WhatsApp applications. click next
  • Please allow the application to detect deleted messages and also save incoming files
  • Later the application will show you the WhatsApp chat that the sender has deleted on your partner’s cellphone.

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So, friends, that’s all about how to hijack people’s WA with Chrome without an application and also with an application that you can do, good luck and use it for good things.

I am not responsible if you use this technique to hijack other people for bad purposes. Maybe that’s all for now, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.






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