How to Hack Your Neighbor’s WiFi Without an Application 2023, It Will Work!

Tutorial – How to hack your neighbor’s WiFi without an application has been sought after by many people lately. The endemic period following the 2019 pandemic caused many people to experience economic difficulties. The number of layoffs and the number of businesses going bankrupt has made many people tighten their belts to be able to manage their expenses as best as possible.

One way is to save money on internet usage at home. As you know, the internet has become a basic need for everyone. Without internet, you can’t run smartphones you to the maximum. You also can’t access all social media without the internet. Even though social media such as WhatsApp is a medium of communication and information that is very important for everyone.

4 Ways to Hack Your Neighbor’s WiFi Without an Application 2023!

By knowing various ways to hack your neighbor’s WiFi without an application, you can save on quota usage while you are at home. To save money on quota usage costs, many people are now switching to using WiFi. Currently, almost everyone has installed a WiFi network in their home. This is because WiFi has proven to be effective in saving quota costs.

By installing WiFi at home, you don’t need to worry about buying quota for all your family members anymore. Through WiFi, all family members can use the internet as much as they like while at home. Although of course, you also have to be able to control internet usage on your device, so that WiFi usage costs don’t increase.

However, for those of you whose homes don’t have WiFi installed, don’t worry because you can still use your neighbor’s WiFi internet network. Of course, note that your house is located close to a house that has WiFi installed. Here are some ways.

1. Using a laptop

The first way to hack into a neighbor’s WiFi without an application is by using a laptop. By utilizing the CMD application or Command Prompt on a laptop, you can use free internet from your neighbor’s WiFi via the laptop. You will not encounter any difficulties either, tk Command Prompt Usually it is installed on the laptop if you use Windows OS. Here are the steps.

  • First, please open your laptop.
  • Next, simultaneously press Windows + R keys.
  • Then, type cmd and press Enter.
  • Then, enter the command netsh wlan show profile (WiFi Name) key=clear.
  • Then, press Enter.
  • Lastly, please check the section Key Content to know password Your intended WiFi.

2. How to Hack a Neighbor’s WiFi Without an Application on an Android Phone

You can also break into your neighbor’s WiFi using your Android cellphone. You can do this method by using IP Address Settings. Apart from your neighbor’s WiFi, you can also use this method to hack into it password WiFi in public areas (Public WiFi). Here are the steps.

  • First, please open your Android cellphone and connect to the network.
  • Next, please select WiFi Network.
  • Continue by selecting an option Modify Network Configuration.
  • Then, change the IP Address to and click Save.
  • Then, open the browser on your cellphone and enter the address
  • Next, enter username And password with ADMIN or USER options.
  • Select the Settings option and select WiFi.
  • Lastly, please check the SSID section Name and SSID Passphrases.
  • If it works, then password The WiFi you are targeting will appear on your cellphone screen.
  • And you can enjoy free internet via WiFi on your Android cellphone or other device.

3. Via the Network and Internet Menu

Apart from these two methods, hacking WiFi via the Network menu and Internet on the panel controls you can also use. Here are the steps.

  • First, please open it Controls Panel.
  • Then, look for the menu Network and Internet.
  • Then, press menu Network and Sharing Center.
  • In the new window, please press the Manage Wireless Network option.
  • Please select the WiFi network you want to hack.
  • Press the Wireless tab Properties and select Security.
  • Passwords WiFi is located on the Network Security Key.
  • To see it, please check the section Show Characters.

4. By researching the router

If you have routers physical, you can find out the password or password Neighbor’s WiFi using the following steps.

  • First, please press and hold the Reset Router button for 10 seconds.
  • Then, release the button and wait for the process reboot.
  • Then, change the username/password.
  • Open Command Prompt and type ipconfig.
  • Look for the IPv4 address, which starts with
  • In the browser, please type 192.168.x.1
  • Finally replace X with the number found in ipconfig.
  • Then the WiFi password you are targeting will appear and you can use it on your device to get free internet.

Those are 4 easy and practical ways to hack your neighbor’s WiFi without an application. By implementing one of these steps, you can get free internet at your home.






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