How to Get the MSC Mobile Legends Atlas Skin for Free

June is the month that people have been waiting for the most
Mobile Legends players. The reason is, in that month one of the big tournaments Mobile Legends will be held. The tournament is called
Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cupor what is usually called MSC.

Different from previous MSC tournaments, this year Moonton will invite regions others outside the Asian continent to make this international tournament even more competitive.

There will be exclusive skins also what you can buy during this tournament. This year, hero who gets
exclusive skins it fell to Atlas who has recently become hero by percentage pick rate which is quite high.

So, for semi-sultan players, you can just buy it right away
skins This Atlas is priced at 719 diamonds only in the first week (899 diamonds original price).

After successfully buying it, you will immediately get the Atlas skin plus 3,500 MSC Coin directly. Present quests will also be doubled to get abundant MSC coins.

So what happens to free players?

Don’t worry, for free players you still have the opportunity to get it skins This MSC Atlas is free. It’s just that the way is more complicated.

To make it easier for you to understand, in this post I will explain several ways you can get it
skins MSC Atlas for free. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the discussion below:


1. Pre-register MSC Pass

The first way you can do that is by doing
MSC Pass pre-register
from 1 – 4 June 2023.

By doing pre-registeryou are guaranteed to get 500 MSC Coin when you log in on June 5, 2023.

2. Pre Register First Match

Apart from doing MSC Pass pre-register, you should do it too pre-register first match in the “view matches” menu to get an additional 500 MSC Coin.

Pre-register You can do this first match from 5-9 June 2023. Don’t miss it.

3. Quest MSC Pass

Quest MSC Pass
Present from 5 – 18 June 2023. During events this goes on, you guys can finish each quests which will be-reset every day to get abundant MSC Coin.

Details of each quests present at MSC Pass this as follows:

  • Log into the game (400 MSC Coins).
  • Complete 1 classic/ ranked/ brawl/ magic chess match
    (350 MSC Coins).

  • Participate in the guessing contest once during the tournament (250 MSC Coins).

  • Win 1 classic/ ranked/ brawl/ magic chess match
    (250 MSC Coins).

  • Share events (100 MSC Coins).

From all over quests above, in total you can collect 1,350 MSC Coins every day. If you regularly complete quests-, you will get a total of 18,650 MSC Coins.

So, for those of you who want to get skins Atlas for free, try to complete everything quests who attend every day. Don’t miss a day.

4. Prediction Contest

To get additional MSC Coins, you can take part in the prediction contest during the MSC tournament. Always try to make the correct predictions, because there will be abundant MSC Coin rewards if you can guess which team will win in each match.

In total you can get 7,700 MSC Coins through this prediction contest.

You will also get additional MSC Coins if you do
login on the final day and managed to guess the winning MSC team correctly.

5. MSC Support Chest

If you still don’t have enough MSC Coins after doing the four methods above, then the last way you can do this is by doing
gacha MSC Support Chest to get additional MSC Coin.

Through gacha events Here, you can get various amounts of MSC Coins, ranging from 300 to 1,000 MSC Coins at once gacha. There are also skin Leomord “Triumph – Eagle” which you can get when doing gachaalthough the possibility is very small, only around 2.7 percent.

According to me, MSC Support Chest This is the most appropriate answer for those of you who are really looking for it skins Atlas, because only with a few times gacha Of course, I guarantee that your MSC Coin will be enough to exchange skins Atlas if you have done the four previous methods above.

MSC Coin Exchange Menu

After you have collected your MSC Coins, now is the time to exchange them for the various prizes provided. There are many types of prizes that you can get, starting from skins, avatar borders, battle emotes, etc.

You can see the exchange details below.

  • Skins Leomord “Triumph – Eagle”, Jawhead “Space Explorer”, and Claude “Earth’s Mightiest” (17,000 MSC Coin)

  • Skin Atlas MSC (26,000 MSC Coins)
  • Avatar Border MSC 2023 (13,000 MSC Coins)
  • Battle Emote MSC (5,000 MSC Coins)
  • MCL ticket (3,000 MSC Coin)

Apart from the prizes above, there are many other prizes that you can exchange using MSC Coin in the exchange menu. For more details, you can see for yourself in the menu events.


That’s all my discussion about MSC Mobile Legends event year 2023. What do you think? is events Is this year’s MSC worth it for you to join?

Keep in mind that all discussion in this post is entirely from my personal opinion. Therefore, if any of you have anything to add, please just write it in the comments column.

Thank You.


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