How to Get M79 Midnight Mafia Free Fire

Below we will share tips for getting the M79 Midnight Mafia weapon in one of events Free Fire The newest Token Wheel entitled Sterling Conqueror.

Free Fire now it has become one of the games on line with a fairly large number of players in Indonesia. Garena is definitely trying to make its loyal players feel satisfied updatesupdates which they did routinely for several months. The goal is clear so that this gaming community is always alive.

In events This week’s newest Token Wheel is entitled Sterling Conqueror. It turns out that players can get a shotgun with a fierce appearance, namely the M79 Midnight Mafia. This weapon is one of the gifts from events which started recently. Apart from the presence of the main prize, namely the Evo Gun M1887 Sterling Conqueror

So, through this article, we want to share tips on how to get it skins Midnight Mafia for the M79 weapon. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the discussion right now.

Tips for Getting M79 Midnight Mafia at the Token Wheel Sterling Conqueror Event

Full view of M79 Midnight Mafia | Garena

On events The newest Token Wheel, namely Sterling Conqueror in games Free Fire. Garena is presenting one very interesting prize in the form of a cool weapon, namely the M79 Midnight Mafia. This weapon comes together with other weapons which are also part of the prizes events The Token Wheel.

By using skins this one. Then your M79 weapon will be equipped with additional attributes Damage as many as two levels, as well as capacity Magazine which also increased by one level. Unfortunately, the addition of this attribute must be accompanied by your character’s movement speed being reduced by one level.

At first glance, the M79 Midnight Mafia has a very fierce design. The weapon’s previously brownish and silver base color has now completely changed to maroon with a fire motif on the body. This motif makes this weapon look like it is burning. However, this fire motif is the main attraction skins The Midnight Mafia.

So what are the tips for getting skins Midnight Mafia for the M79 weapon in events Token Wheel Free Fire Sterling Conqueror This? Just look at the following points.

  1. Make sure you have Login into accounts and applications Free Fire on your device
  2. Enter the Luck Royale menu. Then select Sterling Conqueror in the left corner of your screen.
  3. Because events This falls into the category events Token Wheel. All you have to do is just do it straight away spin with a number Diamonds. With a total of 9 prizes available items. So at least you need to have around 200-300 Diamonds for 5-7 times spin.
  4. If you have managed to get it. So the M79 Midnight Mafia will be immediately available on the weapons tab on your account. And you can also use it directly in any playing mode.






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