How to Get Desert Eagle Jelly Bullet Free Fire

Below we will share tips for getting the Desert Eagle Jelly Bullet weapon in the Booyah Pass Free Fire the latest season titled Jelly Assault.

Free Fire it is undeniable that it is one of the games on line with a fairly large number of players in Indonesia. In order for this game community to always live, Garena definitely tries to make its loyal players feel satisfied updatesupdates which they did routinely for several months. One of the things that regularly comes every month is the Booyah Pass with different themes and different prizes.

As we know, the Booyah Pass is a replacement for the Elite Pass which officially ended at the end of last year. And now it has entered its 9th Season with the title Jelly Assault. Where one of the prizes is a Desert Eagle pistol with skins Jelly Bullet which is of course very cool.

Now in the following article, we want to share tips on how to get skins Jelly Bullet for the Desert Eagle weapon in this Booyah Pass Season 9. So without further ado, let’s get straight to the point right now.

Tips for getting Desert Eagle Jelly Bullet in Booyah Pass Season 9

Desert Eagle Jelly Bullet Appearance | Garena

In Booyah Pass Season 9 Free Fire entitled Jelly Assault This. Garena presents a lot of cool prizes which certainly won’t be available again next month or in the next Booyah Pass.

One of the main prizes in the Booyah Pass this time is a Desert Eagle pistol with skins named Jelly Bullet. This becomes skins The latest for one of the types of pistols in this game. Where as the name implies, skins The theme for this 9th season of Booyah Pass is titled Jelly Assault

You can see it in the picture above. Skins This Jelly Bullet for the Desert eagle has quite the appearance flashy with a combination of black color patterns silver and highlighter green. Of course, your opponents will be tempted if you bring this weapon to the battlefield.

When using skins the. So your Desert Eagle will have several additions and subtractions stats. Namely level damage as many as two levels and capacities Magazine which is reduced by one level.

So what are the tips for getting skins Jelly Bullet for the Desert Eagle weapon in Booyah Pass Season 9 Jelly Assault This? Just look at the following points.

  1. Make sure you have Login into accounts and applications Free Fire on your device
  2. Enter the Booyah Pass menu. Then look at the sections Free. We know that Desert Eagle Jelly Bullet is at level 91. Because it is included in the category Free. Then you don’t need to subscribe to Booyah Pass Premium or Premium Plus
  3. To increase your EXP BP account. Continue to complete the available daily missions, so your BP will continue to increase and you can increase the level of your Pass until it reaches level 91 (for free).
  4. If you have reached the level requested, you click Take All. Then you can claim this Desert Eagle Jelly Bullet and the prize will be available in the weapons tab. And can be used in any playing mode.






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