How to Get a Badges Fund Balance of 120 Thousand

How to Get a Badges Fund Balance of 120 Thousand – FYI, this is an event from Dana, with prizes of balance & nominal vouchers listed, to get which you have to carry out a mission in the form of a transaction on a particular application/web using Dana.

How do you play with Dana Badges? carry out transaction missions on certain apks/webs using funds

It’s safe for the badge funds, you have to be hopeless before you get it😇

I want to ask, is it true that the badge funds you get aren’t in the form of vouchers anymore? because just after claiming last month, I got a balance of funds, yes, a balance

Follow step by step carefully so that the mission is completed!

Before continuing, it would be a good idea to read the terms & conditions first.

*Premium/non-premium funds can take part in this event.

As usual, I chose these 5 badges because they are the cheapest for me:

mobapay, google, steam, spotify & jollymax.

*Each person’s capital can be different, depending on the voucher & price of the game/item purchased.

❗just click on the red box, OK?

How to Get a Badges Fund Balance of 120 Thousand


After entering the a+rewards menu, swipe up a little until a mission like this appears.

• buy 5 diamonds > enter your ml ID or

id: 686459524 | servers: 8742.

Select fund payment > login & enter OTP > pay.

*email & telephone number adjust to yours.


For Android users, you can directly click this e-book link:

*Make sure payment uses funds, if you still use Alfamart/etc, click the sign > to change to funds. If so, pay straight away.


*if it’s complicated, you can skip it, but it’s good for a discount 😂

make sure you have a 1k e-shop voucher, to buy a steam voucher at a+rewards. Choose a nominal value of 5k and then just pay 3k.

Continue, still on Steam.

After buying the voucher above/without the voucher, just buy this game > buy it as a gift:

*Those who don’t have a Steam account can use this, use it together.

usn: don’t replace it

pw: OK. (use dots)

Click the red box > wait to be directed to funds > pay.

*Rp. 599 has been deducted from the voucher purchased above. So, the total for Steam is IDR 3,599.


*If it’s complicated, you can skip it.

buy a spotify 2k voucher > check my rewards > click use, then you will be directed to the website to log in.

or if you want without a voucher, just go straight to the website.

*Don’t complete missions via the application, otherwise the mission badge won’t open

Select funds payment > enter OTP > pay.


because the Higgs Domino top up on Jollymax can no longer be accessed, so I just changed to the MLBB top up. Here you can choose to top up credit, top up FF, etc. instead.

select mlbb top up > buy 5 diamonds

payment of funds > fill in your ml ID & server or you can use this:

id: 686459524 | server: 8742 (or use yours)

enter email > buy > pay.

I’m done, just waiting for the time to claim 😋

I’ve spent IDR 7,291 including vouchers.

** Update:

Info, currently only games that can be purchased are above IDR 4,850

Below that, most of them can’t be bought (see pics 1 & 2)

For the period last month that you haven’t had time to claim, you can check here (red dot) up to this month

If the prices for the Steam games above have changed, try searching here. You can buy it for yourself or buy it as a gift. Currently the minimum game that can be purchased is IDR 4,850 (without voucher) & IDR 5,300 (with 5k voucher).

If you can’t open JollyMax, you can try using your cellphone’s default browser, Opera Mini, or VPN (at your own risk).

Or, you can change to iqiyi (buy monthly subscription via web) or ff (top up via game login).

claim time:

• 10k: claim every 10.00 WIB (without waiting h+7).

• 120k: claim at 10.00 WIB h+7 after the mission is completed.

for example, mine got a claim schedule on the 8th at 02.37. So, I can only claim on the 8th at 10.00.

If you get a claim schedule after 10.00, follow the next day.

and if you don’t get it on the day, you can still try to claim it the next day until the maximum 10 October. I won’t repeat the mission again.






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