How to Easily Read More on WA without an Application

How to Make Read More on WA without an Application-WhatsApp presents many superior features in their application. That way you can use it according to your needs. From the user side, it could be said that this application, which is part of Facebook CS, is the instant messenger application with the most users currently.

The developer continues to develop various features, such as being able to send stickers, create stories and so on. For those of you who often chat with someone, you must have seen messages with read more or read in full. It turns out that writing this article is not easy, because you will need the help of an application.

For some people it might feel complicated, because just to write read more we have to install the application. Therefore, in this review we will try to share how to read more on WhatsApp without using an application. So this will be very helpful for those of you who have smartphones with small memory.

How to Make Read More on WA without an Application

WhatsApp itself does not have this feature unless you create as many messages as possible so that later readmore appears. However, if you want to write something like that with short message content without using additional applications, then you can download the script first which you can use later. You can see more details as below.

  • First, you can download the script here
  • Then you can copy the script
  • Next, you can enter the WhatsApp application
  • Open the chat window
  • Select the contact you want to send the “Read more” message to.
  • Type a few words first
  • Paste the script in the message
  • You can continue writing
  • Finally, you can directly send a message

By carrying out several steps as above, the message that has been sent will appear read in full or read more. Actually, we can write wa read more automatically, but the condition is that you have to create as many messages as possible as we have explained above, so that this will bring up a readmore message.

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How to Write WA Writing Read More Online

If the script that we have shared above doesn’t work or fails to write read more, then we also have another way, namely to write read more wa online. Here’s how:

  • Visit the following link
  • Change the warning column by filling in the first sentence you will use
  • In the separator section you can choose the type of separator between the first sentence and the second
  • For the content column, we can write a follow-up sentence
  • Next, all you have to do is submit
  • Then select copy to clipboard

After going through several stages as above, for the final step, just paste into the destination number you want to prank with the contents of the message, read in full.

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The final word

Actually, there is much more we can do to optimize our conversations via the WhatsApp application, for example changing the font to bold, italic or making it more colorful. Maybe that’s enough for the review on how to write, read in full on WA. We hope that what we have conveyed to all of you is useful.

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