How to Easily Make Slow Motion in CapCut for TikTok

How to Make Slow Motion in CapCut-The world of technology always brings innovations that make it easier for us to do various things, including editing a video. Today’s very diverse choices mean that we can easily determine which application we need. For example, to make slow motion videos.

For those of you who want to make slow videos like those on the TikTok application, there is one editing application that you can try, namely Capcut. This application has recently become very popular, especially for those who want to edit contemporary videos. How to make slow motion in CapCut is not difficult, because there is a feature that can do this.

Nowadays, with the presence of various applications, slow motion effects can be created more easily. You don’t need to have high video editing skills. Just use a smartphone device, be it Android or iOS, you can create a slow motion effect easily.

Basically, this effect itself will make a video run slower. The visible impression will be dramatic if other effects are added. Many people are curious about how to make it and maybe you are one of them?

Before creating this effect, of course there are a number of preparations. The smartphone device you use must be strong enough to support this slow motion effect application. At the very least, have an Android cellphone which is popular and widely used as a place to edit slow videos.

Slow Motion Video Editing Application on Android Phones

On Android smartphones, there are actually lots of applications that can be used to create this slow motion effect easily. One that is quite recommended is CapCut.

This application has indeed gone viral and is widely used by content creators to create interesting slow motion videos. The various tools and effects in it will make it easier for anyone to create the videos they make. One of the cool features that can be used is that the speed can be adjusted.

If you don’t have this application, you must first download it either on Playstore or App Store. If it’s already on your cellphone now, that means it’s ready to create this effect. We will explain how simply.

How to Create a Slow Motion Effect in Capcut

Creating this effect in the CapCut application is very easy to do. You just have to follow the steps below.

  • First you can open the CapCut application and then select ‘new project’
  • Next, add the previously recorded video from the gallery album to the application
  • If the video is already in the application, you can also add music as a background for the slow motion effect
  • To give a slow motion effect, click on the video in the application and then select speed
  • Next, you can select curves, select the Hero model curve, and then select edit
  • Arrange how curved the curve is. To create a slow motion effect, you can lower the point in the middle of the curve downwards.
  • If you want the video to return to normal, comment on placing the curve line back to the center line.
  • Also pay attention to how the sound matches the slow motion effect being designed. If so, click the check icon (✓) to save.
  • The final step to save a slow mo video, you can tap the save icon in the top right corner. Next select export, and wait for the process to complete.

Important things in creating a slow motion effect

To make the video even better with a slow motion effect, of course you have to choose it correctly too. There are several tips for finding good videos, namely as follows:

Lighting Setup

When you make a video to give it a slow mo effect, of course you have to pay attention to the lighting. This lighting effect is very important because it will make a video look clear or not. Moreover, if the smartphone used for recording does not have good image quality when the light is dim.

For this reason, you can set the right angle so that the light entering the video you make will feel right.

Creativity in Making Videos

The video you want to add a slow effect to should not be ordinary, and must be unique. What this means is that the video must contain meaning and be worthy of being published on your social media. Make a video that has a theme and is memorable. So, after adding the slow mo effect it will be even cooler.

For ordinary videos, of course it won’t give an interesting effect even if you give it a slow motion effect. This is also where your creativity plays a role.

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The final word

So, how to make slow motion in CapCut is actually easy and friends will also be able to practice it. With this effect, it is guaranteed that many people will see it and it is possible to get a lot of positive responses. It’s not impossible, later with this application you can become a content creator.

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